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A Dark and Stormy Night….

The weather outside is dark and stormy. It has been storming for two days and I am feeling so bored and restless. I turn on some music to dance just to use up some of this excess energy I have from not getting out of the house lately. The thunder and lightening going off in the night sky adds to the pounding beat of the music I have blaring in the house.

For a quick moment the music stops as a new song is beginning its first beats when I hear my doorbell chime. I cannot imagine who would be at my door in this weather. I cautiously look out the peep hole and see a man and a woman soaked through to their skin shivering on the other side of the door. I keep the chain lock engaged and open the door.

“Hello, Can I help you?” I ask with more confidence than I feel.

“Hi, I am Rob and this is my girlfriend Brianna. We are on our way up the mountain but have gotten lost in the storm. We are about out of gas and pulled into your driveway hoping you will let us park here and wait out the storm.”

I didn’t know what to say. Part of me wanted to say yes park in the drive and stay there please… and another part of me wanted to invite the couple in out of the rain so they can dry off and warm up. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds when Briana began speaking.

“I know this may be a surprise and you are probably worried we will hurt you. Honest, we are okay sitting in the car until the storm passes, but we wanted to let you see us both instead of you seeing a car with two people in your drive.”

Again, I just stood there not sure what to do or say. I did nod my head so they wouldn’t think I was anĀ idiot. Finally, I found my voice and figured out what to say to them…

I asked to see their driver’s licenses. Rob dug into his back pocket to pull out his wallet and showed me his identification. Brianna ran to the car and grabbed her purse and pulled out her wallet when she got back on the doorstep. Their first names appeared the same and I snapped a picture of both licenses with my phone I pulled from the table by the door. I sent a quick text to my friend Mandy telling her briefly why I sent them. She texted back ‘gotcha, will text you every 15 minutes till they leave.’ I showed Rob and Brianna my phone with the message from Mandy.

I invite them into the house, tell them to take their shoes off on the rug. I motion to the hall tree by the door and tell them to hang up their coats while I get them each a towel. I return to find them still soaked in their clothes and know they will need to get out of them. I ask if they have any extra clothes in their car. Rob explains that they were going to have dinner at the Mountain Top Lodge so they were just here for the day.

I ask them if they would want to take a hot shower to warm up while I dry their clothes. I have some things they can change into in the meantime. Rob looked at me like I was a bit crazy thinking he would want to wear some girl clothes… I mentioned that a good friend of mine… a guy has some clothes here he can probably fit into if he wanted to warm up. He laughed and said ‘thanks, that would be very nice.’

I show Rob to the hall bath and lay out some of the manly products my friend keeps here… along with some dry clothes. I take Brianna to the master bath where the girly products reside. My bathroom is a girl’s dream come true… it has a huge soaker tub and an awesome shower with multiple shower heads. A few of those heads are perfectly situation to bring great joy to a girl. I show Brianna where all the products are and tell her how to work the shower. I turn around to face her as I begin telling her about how wonderful the soaker tub is when I notice the girl is completely naked and absolutely beautiful.

I know she sees me looking over every inch of her body… I see her with wet hair laying across her shoulders… her beautiful heart shaped face looking flush from going from wet and cold to soaking in the warmth of the house. Her nipples are hard and bring all kinds of attention to her perfect C cup breasts. They are high and perky and I swear my pussy is alive with want.

This want for her surprises me as I have never felt drawn to a woman before. But seeing her breasts right there in front of me brings a heat and wetness to me… I look down her belly and I see her bare pussy. My mouth is open as I look with longing at her pussy. Brianna moves her hand from her thigh over to her lower lips, stroking her opening.

I know I am being tested by Brianna as she witnessed me staring at her body and my bodies response to her. My nipples were hard and my breathing was racing.

Brianna slides her finger into her wet heat and strokes herself a few times until she brings her dripping fingers into her mouth… Watching her suck her juices off her finger turned me on so much I let out a moan…

Brianna places her fingers back to gather more of her sweet juice and then pulls her fingers out and holds her hand out to me… “Want to taste?” she asked me.

I did. So much I did. I walked the few steps towards her and gently took her hand and placed her fingers into my eager mouth.

She tasted like heaven.

Brianna moved a few steps closer and placed her lips on mine. She then took her tongue and stroked the outside of my lips. She whispered, ‘take a shower with me’.

I was helpless to speak and simply nodded. I had a tank top with yoga pants as my outfit today. No bra and no panties. Brianna took the bottom of my tank and pulled up over my head and threw it down on the floor. She then grabbed my yoga pants and slowly slipped them down my hips. When she saw I was not wearing any panties she whispered, ‘it was like you knew we were coming over.’

I helped her remove the pants from my feet… she reached around me and grabbed my ass, gently gripping the cheeks…. her breasts touching mine… our nipples both hard and rubbing against each other… my pussy was dripping wet now…

Brianna must has smelled my arousal because the next thing I knew her fingers were buried deep in my pussy…. she pulled those fingers out and sucked my juices loudly…

Suddenly my phone vibrates and pings that I have a text message. I look over at the phone knowing I need to respond or Mandy will be worried. I move to grab my phone off the counter and respond ‘All is good. My gut says not to worry. Text back every hour instead of 15 minutes. Or maybe every two hours.’ Mandy replies, ‘Are you sure?’ Brianna who had been reading the messages next to me tells me to send Mandy her and Rob’s numbers so she won’t worry. I do. Mandy says she will check in later.

Brianna and I smile at each other and I figured the ‘fun’ was over. However, Brianna asks if I am ready for the shower. I agree and we enter the shower together. I turn the water on quite warms and show her where to stand for the best benefits.

One shower head hits her clit perfectly. The one on the other side of the wall hits her from behind. It takes little time before Brianna is near climax… I am sensually washing her back, arms, and of course those breasts while she is squirming as the water beats a sexy rhythm she loves.

Her moans are loud and sexy as hell. I have one finger rubbing my clit and the other fingers buried in my pussy. I turn more to face Brianna’s breast and kneel down and place my mouth on her breast… I take that nipple in my mouth and roll the tip with my tongue. Brianna begs me to nip it just a little. I do. She screams as she cums. Her whole body is convulsing from pleasure. She can barely speak but demands I bite her nipple harder.

I have never done this before and I am not sure I will do it correctly. I take a stab at it and bite harder than before…. She yells out harder and I do. I bite her nipple even harder now.

Well, gotta get some things done…. till next time….