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The Fine Line Between Sexy and Creepy Swingers

Yes, there is a fine line between sexy and creepy swingers. A find line that is often crossed and the person who witnesses the crossing usually wants to react immediately, but will find themselves holding back… because if they are wrong… the person is not creepy… they get a reputation… if they are creepy… just how creepy will they go.

I have had a few people along the way that have gone from being flirty and friendly… wanting to fuck me to following me on everything they can. That goes to creepy awfully quickly in my opinion. Follow me on my blog, follow my on my sophia twitter feed… I am okay with that… figure out how to follow me on every site I am on… personal and swinger… you are creepy.

It is not flattering to have someone follow you everywhere online. It is not flattering to see someone everywhere you look… and constantly looking at you. It is creepy because it is a stalker type behavior.

A curious look here and there followed up with a comment or email… that is sexy… constantly following someone around on all platforms… not saying anything… creepy.

Telling someone you follow them everywhere… creepy.

When a swinger wants to meet someone and finds a great desire to meet them… they tend to go overboard. I am just as guilty as the rest… you get caught up on the new relationship excitement… and then… whoa… you find yourself having to step back because you are noticing you are spending to much time focused on the person… and yet… there are those who don’t respect that gut feeling they are having… and they will keep going. Which crosses into the creepy as shit category.

I have had to go to some extremes at times and delete connections between profiles on different sites… like facebook, twitter, swinger sites, and other locations… as a way to send a message, “I am done with you”… I have also gone to extremes to block people. To find that a person is still trying to find out about what is going on… well, that is just annoying.

As a swinger, we are quickly told that drama is not good. Don’t cause drama. Yet, while waiting to let the drama situations die down… we put up with a lot of drama. We try to do what we can without making a scene… but sometimes it is necessary to do.

I noticed this past week a profile on a site we are on that I have separated myself from elsewhere… Lucky for me… this profile cannot see my profile because we do not let free or uncertified accounts view us. However, they can read what is posted on the forums. I decided to block the profile so that while they can read what I write on the forums other people start, they cannot do so on the threads I started. I did this to demonstrate to the profile I do not want contact with them… and I certainly do not want them to read up on me as a way to stay connected. Do I know for sure this person is reading my stuff on the forums? Nope. But then again I don’t care. By their own past admittance, they will search high and low to find any way to connect with me. I don’t want that with them. I want no contact with them.

The purpose of this thread is to tell other swingers to be aware of those who cross the line between sexy and creepy. Put a stop to creepy people as soon as you start to feel the creepy feeling… it is nearly impossible to block all aspects of your online existence, but you really should try your best to limit it.

There are creepy vanilla people. There are creepy swingers. We all have to pay attention to these people and take steps to stop all connections when you get that creepy feeling in your gut.



Sexy Conversations

I have to admit that I am a sucker for a sexy conversation. I can really get into a sexy conversation… and not just turned on by the words but by the efforts put forth. I think that it is something about the effort that makes more of a difference than just the words… it appears that with effort the words seem to come out a bit more smoothly… a bit more exciting… and well, this example of an email I received demonstrates that effort… Let me know what you think.


I don’t know how to start this email. Forgive me for the mess I may make of it. I am nervous writing you because you exude sexuality. You are able to talk about many topics of sexuality and put yourself out there for others to judge if they choose. That is very scary as I am not able to do that but I want to. I would love to be able to tell you that I can convey my sexuality in words, but I cannot.

I remember my first swinging adventure with my wife. I remember thinking how much I was turned on by her making out with another man. I don’t remember much after that as I focused on my partner. I think that was the turning point for me. I wanted to focus on the experience I was having with my partner. I wanted to tell her how much I wanted to fuck her. How much I loved the warmth of her pussy. I didn’t say what I wanted because I was afraid someone would take it wrong.

I started reading your blog shortly after you started it. I would check back regularly and when you would go through a period of not posting, I would read your posts again.

I often imagined meeting you and I have to admit I have had many fantasies about you. I won’t say that I am a stalker, I am not. I will say that if I had the chance to meet you, I would love it very much.

My wife knows about your blog and reads it every once in awhile. She doesn’t understand why I love your blog so much. It is not the blog as much as your ability to express yourself. It is your ability to turn me on with your words.

I imagine myself the male half of all your erotica stories. I picture myself as your partner, experiencing what you write about and I get so hard. I cum so hard.

My wife watches porn and this is my porn. Reading your posts turn me on and makes me want to fuck you all the more.

I work with a woman who is named Sophie. not quite your name but I get hard just thinking of you when I hear her name. It is like my brain and cock are conditioned to get turned on while I am thinking of you.

My wife laughs at me and will whisper your name while we are having sex. Well, actually when she wants to have sex and I need a little encouragement after a hard day of work. She will ask me if Sophia wrote in her blog. she will rub my cock while saying that… and then she will mention something you had written in the past and well, I am hard and fucking her hard. She loves it.

She knows that it is not that I am obsessed with you or in love with you. She agrees that I want you so much that I won’t be able to get over this until. Well, since I live no where near you, do not travel near you. It is much like a crush someone has on a celebrity. We do have a swinger account on one of the sites you are on and yes, I have seen pictures of you. My wife laughs that it is only making the need worse.

I am a loyal fan of yours. Keep posting on this blog. Keep posting your sexuality. Keep me horny. My wife is loving it.

Ever hard,



Well, that was sweet.

Muah Sophia