Getting To Know Sophia and Mike

This is my second post, first full post on Sophia’s blog. Wish me luck. 🙂

When Sophia first posted her travel plans we looked… we enjoy getting to know people who are traveling through the area. Often we find ourselves doing the ‘dreaded one and done’ because we seek those who travel and not necessarily those who live in the area. Let’s face it, after a while, the regular swingers in the area are not anything new and exciting because we see them at everything and with everyone. The conversations are all the same, the play habits are all the same, the come on lines are all the same and yawn, and then yawn some more.

We look at those who are traveling in our area and we reach out to them. We did this with Sophia even though she was traveling solo, we had seen enough of her posts to know we wanted to meet her even if we didn’t play with her. She is somewhat famous on the forums and we certainly noticed her a lot through the years. Mark sent the first email asking her if she wanted to meet up while she was on her trip. Obviously, Mark wrote something more than just that, but that was the main point of the email. Sophia responded by opening their BSP and we reciprocated. She reiterated a few things in our communications – she was traveling alone, she hall passes, she doesn’t have to have sex to meet with anyone, and while she is bisexual playing with women is not something she does all the time, she is rather picky about what women she plays with… nothing personal, but she doesn’t play with women to get things started or fulfill another woman’s fantasy of having someone do everything for them…

I think I came when I read that, she said it a lot nicer than I wrote it there. I however could have yelled ‘DITTO BABY’!

Sophia explained that she likes to let others know their expectations up front and part of that is that they generally do not do couple dates because of some ‘past trauma’ (lol) from some couples… they “will do house parties and hall passes… and rare couple dates… but they have to pass a rigorous vetting process.” Mark fell in love with that honesty she had. We rarely do couple dates anymore. For the same reasons.

We knew we had to meet with Sophia. She was just like we had seen her on the forums. Yes, we had a forum crush on her. We admit it. We love it. She is a hoot.

She had time before she would be meeting up with someone that would take up most of her time on her trip, but we could meet after she arrives on Saturday afternoon until she would meet up with them on Monday around noon.

Then it turned out that they were coming earlier and we could meet anytime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday about noon…

And then it turned out they changed their plans and she was going to have some 1-1 time with just him on Saturday… and well, she hoped we understood…

We did, but we weren’t happy about it. No one likes to find out that they didn’t make the cut. But she explained that this guy was the reason for the trip, the limitations on the airline flight schedule, and it made sense as this other couple was trying to match their trip schedule with hers.

And to find out later that we postponed meeting her only to have her 1-1 plans basically fucked up without her being told it was going to happen. Let us just say we were holding a bit of a grudge. And were a bit angry on Sophia’s behalf. It wasn’t really much consolation that we were not the only people she had to cancel plans with during the trip.

Then to learn that a lot of what she did was wait on them to do some stupid shit that she could have kept her rental car (was told she wouldn’t need it) and kept some of the plan she had made, yeah, we were pissed on her behalf. According to what Mike and Sophia shared with us before and when we met, she was pretty much treated like shit. We happen to know the couple she was meeting and they are not on our list of people we like anymore. That was shitty behavior no matter how you try to justify it. Apparently, I am still upset about how they treated her. She has forgiven them, but I am not ready yet.

When we made plans to meet, Sophia let us know that she was still recovering from this shitastic episode of shitty behavior, I will have to admit right now how much I want to explode on both of them (the other couple) for how they treated Sophia. Mark and I both agreed that we would not say anything to them on her behalf when we run into them. It is hard.

It is even harder after seeing how Mike and Sophia are as a couple, as individuals, as swingers, and how they did not deserve to be treated like this. Mike is not as ‘wide-open’ as a person or swinger as Sophia is. She is one-of-a-kind. Mike and Sophia work and largely because they do not get caught up in jealousy. Mike is not always happy about the ‘infatuations’ men have on Sophia, but she sure does enjoy them. We noticed that Sophia genuinely enjoys Mike making friends, having lovers, and fucking himself blind (I am not doing well staying on topic, but Mike fucked me so hard one time that he swore he fucked himself blind. He wasn’t blind, we just caused the lamp plug to come out of the socket, plunging us into darkness.)

When I was communicating with Mike, it was not the easiest thing to do. He doesn’t flirt naturally. If you are surprised by that because of Sophia, then you are not alone. Sophia flirts with everyone and naturally. It is so much a part of what she does, who she is, and how she communicates, it is amazing how quickly she makes people feel comfortable. Seeing the conversations she and Mark have and comparing them to Mike and mine, I learned quickly not to do that anymore. I had to learn how Mike communicates and what makes him want to communicate. Sophia didn’t give many hints to me to help me out. She told me that when I learned what worked on Mike on my own it would make it so much better. She was right. When I tried to flirt with him like how Sophia did with Mark, it fell flat. However, when I sent him a picture of a beer that I wanted him to try, our conversations went in a sexy direction.

Mark and Sophia had a blast communicating. She brought out a lot of ‘secrets’ of his without really trying. She encouraged him to share with me what he realized or what he shared with her. We did that and fuck, it made sex so much better.

I tried to copy some of what they talked about with Mike to see if it worked with him. It did. Holy fuck, she is like a swinger whisperer. I would ask a question in a what that made him tell me a story. We would then use that conversation for days learning more about each other. Want to know her secret? Ask her. You will suddenly realize why so many guys like her so much. It is so fucking simple. But so effective.

I found out that Mike (and I have permission to share this) is a people pleaser and is rather submissive. You may have read some of that in other posts Sophia has written about in the past. He is not like a submissive man in the common manner, he will take the dominant role on as needed and will fuck me blind, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I asked him a lot of questions about what he liked and didn’t like. I was surprised when he said few women actually ask him that questions. Most he has been with have been along the lines of dead fish and pillow princess… apparently, when he gets those women Sophia gets the man who can’t get enough of her or fall hard for her. I could tell him I know that feeling, Mark and her run into that a lot too. Mike said that when Sophia gets a guy who is done in three minutes or can’t get it up, he gets a wife who can’t get enough of him. He feels like he is being used as a gigolo. It is why they house part and hall pass.

That is where we are in our (Mark and I’s) swinging adventure. It is less adventure and more a pit of snakes.

Mike asked me a few questions too, like, do you enjoy oral? Do you enjoy getting fucked? I laughed when he asked me that and I texted Sophia and asked if I could talk to Mike on the phone, she said, go ahead. I called Mike, he was next to Sophia so we had an interesting conversation as to why Mike asked those questions. OMFG!

We laughed and cried from laughing so hard with that conversation. Mark was ‘jealous’ when he got home. So jealous he called Mike and asked why he wasn’t able to call him on the phone. Heaven help us, we were out of control. The four of us talked on zoom for almost two hours. We regularly talked on the phone. Whenever the spirit moved us. Usually when one of us was in the car.

Mark and Sophia didn’t talk as much on the phone as Mike and I, Mike, Sophia and I, and Sophia and I did. The shit ‘they’ put her there was taking a toll on her. I swear it is still very hard for me to not publicly lash out at ‘him’. And ‘her’. And Sophia needed to stop making excuses for them. I saw the texts and emails and wall posts. That is messed up shit.

When Mark asked her straight out why she won’t communicate with him as she had in the near past and why he doesn’t get phone calls, I swear both of our hearts broke. Sophia was gaslighted and she knew she was being gaslighted when it happened, but it still hurt her. It caused her to second guess everything she did, was, and thought. He fucked with her big time.

Mark called her up immediately and had a come to Jesus meeting with her. She had been working on it with others in her tribe and she was trying to get ‘better’, past it, unbroken, but it was so hard. Mark’s heart was broken that night listening to her. He had the phone on speaker as he couldn’t stop pacing back and forth and yelling profanity at this ‘couple’. I kept telling him to stop yelling that it wasn’t helping Sophia. But oddly enough, it did help some in a way we didn’t know it would.

Mark being so pissed at this couple on her behalf told her that she mattered. She knew she mattered to Mike. That wasn’t nothing new, but to know that we were this upset on her behalf.

Like I said, we know this couple. We know how they behave. We also saw the messages sent to her. That was low and shitty what was done to her and to think he said he loved her. Other than Mike, her badass tribe she talked about in a previous post and us, no one knows or has seen the shit he wrote to her or the treatment of her. Let me tell you something, Sophia is an amazing woman. She is strong and loving. She is funny and full of happiness. And he would tell her why he loved her and then treat her like she was nothing without a second thought. I have asked her many times why she actually loved him. Not the nicest thing to say to a new friend, but fuck, he does not deserve any of her love.

That night bonded us like nothing else could. I can’t tell you what the bond is like, if I said it is like family, that is a bit creepy. I love this girl like no other swinger partner I have ever met. I love Mike like no other swinger partner I have ever met. The same for Mark. But we are not in love with them or their family. Thank goodness. Fucking Mike is something that cannot be missed ladies.

We met – Mike, Sophia and I on a trip and I fell in love with this couple – again, not IN LOVE but in love with who they are in person. Who they are as a couple. If you are looking for a couple who only talks sweetly and without any passion (they have been together for 30 years – they get annoyed with each other and own it… that is what I mean about passion) this is not the couple. Sophia will tell Mike what she thinks and he does to her as well. They do not pretend to be a perfect couple, and can we get a Hallelujah?

They are as real as a couple can be and yet, you can tell they love each other. When Sophia tells stories of her adventures and talks about some of the guys that annoyed Mike, that is fucking hilarious. Mike told a few stories of times he ‘fucked’ up. One time the guy Sophia was with was done in less than 5 minutes. She was bored, the bed wasn’t big enough for the four of them to be laying there if two were done. Mike was oblivious to Sophia being done because he was being a great partner and fucking her senseless. After nearly an hour she tells Mike to finish up. He looks up and asks ‘are you done?’ Them telling me this story was funny but wait, she urges Mike to finish the story, he does. Mike says, this couple lives by a Walmart and Sophia says, let’s stop at Walmart I have to pick something up. Mike tells me that he asked if Sophia had a good time and she let him have it. Right in Walmart about how clueless of a swinger he is. Something about looking up once in awhile to see… I don’t know if I am actually being fucked! Mike explained that this was in their first year and still trying to figure out how shitty some adventures are. They have changed how they do things because of Mike being too focused – Sophia interrupts and says not too focused, oblivious to anything else. She rolled her eyes at him. He admits to paying attention to his partner, but then corrects himself and says, this is why separate rooms are are favorite. While Sophia won’t let the other couple know she is not happy, nor Mike, he has been caught off guard by her immediate response when asked “did you have fun” when they get in the car. He learned so much about paying attention as a swinger.

They were laughing so hard telling these stories. The things you learn while swinging.

This blog post went a direction I was not planning. I will continue with my promise to tell you how good Mike fucks.

Mike and I have learned a lot about each other as friends and lovers. One of the best things he does, and so few men do this as swingers, and Mike does it so well. Mike fucks me like he actually likes me for me and responds to me and what I need. It is not a ‘servicing plan’. I am not being serviced. I am the center of his attention while I am with him.

Yes, him and Sophia do share a kiss or two while he is fucking me. Literally, depending on the position she is in and I am in, he will slide his cock in me, give Sophia a kiss and not miss a beat and fuck me harder. They got that timing shit down pat. I think it is because he learned to PAY ATTENTION to his surroundings. Always something to learn in swinging.

Yeah, they have a good thing going and never have we had as much fun being fucked senseless.

I will share more in my next blog post.

Wet Kisses, Amber

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