Now That We Know Sophia and Mike

Now that we know Sophia and Mike a little bit better we were ready to meet them, the four of us all together. We were warned Sophia was working through some things, but we wanted to get together. We had to get together. To be honest, we were unsure how it would go. Sophia stopped talking about him at all according to Mike. She unfollowed him on FB and shut off wall posts on Kasidie to keep this all in perspective. She toyed with unfriending him altogether, but since she had done that already in 2015, she didn’t want to be the one who did it again.

Sophia wanted us to know she is trying to not go from constantly thinking of him and then finding someone to replace him and focus too much attention on someone new and making them feel like a second string replacement. We both understood her point as we saw him doing just that on Kasidie. We knew as she told us that we had nothing to worry about. She is aware enough, emotionally intelligent enough to not over-compensate to the point where someone is hurt just to make herself feel better. We could see him doing this to others and to her. We felt for Sophia. He was being an ass.

We would like to believe it was because he was hurting too, but fuck, he caused this, brought this on her and our empathy was for her, not him and his girlfriend. It was really hard for us and could only imagine how it was for Sophia and for Mike. But all we saw was his rather cruel and indifferent behavior towards her. While we had previously ‘mostly liked’ him with reservation – and this was not due to Sophia but his general attitude towards people in general (seen in callous forum posts about fucking anything that breathes and servicing partners and this being his job – when he is done with his job he is out of there was a particularly heinous one), this brought him down a notch or several. We definitely saw the patheticness of his behavior towards others and know enough to realize that it is because he is immature and has a void he is trying to fill with sex and other people’s approval, not realizing how it is not working. It is actually making him appear far more desperate and well, here is that word again, pathetic.

Mark and Sophia took extra time to get to a place where they were comfortable getting close. Work for both of them was a good distraction and pacesetter. Mike and I had no issues there. We got to know each other very well. We were encouraged by Sophia to do whatever we needed and we did.

Sophia mentioned several times that Mike is often the forgotten one because of Sophia’s presence on Kasidie. I’ve seen many times his posts and reactions to the posts that indicates he can hold his own. Personal conversations demonstrate that as well. Sophia said once that Mike gets lazy. I asked him about that and he admitted it is true. He doesn’t want to make this a full time job or even part time… it’s sex, pure and simple. If I get into this it is because the woman has captivated me and makes me want to chat. He can count on one hand the women that has. BTW, I am one of those few. Yay!

We are well into October at this point and things are heating up. Mike, Sophia and I met in person and hit it off. Mike and I have become even closer. We chat most everyday, have gotten each other off on video chats, and I am wanting him. A lot.

By the time we arrive at their home I cannot wait to see him again. Sophia and I have a bit of fun in the shower and then Mike arrives. I have been dying to wrap my hands and mouth on his cock. It is simply beautiful. I’m on my knees in front of him in no time. He is fucking my mouth hard and I love it. I know we have other plans for tonight but I want him to cum in my mouth. I won’t let him pull out and he does cum. Hard. A lot.

We move over to the bed and lay down while Mike recovers. We start kissing. And proceed to make out for a while. We stop and talk a bit and then I wrap my legs around his waist… he slips on a condom and slides into my pussy.

Fuck he knows how to use his cock. I personally think his cock is beautiful. It is straight and long and thick and works every fucking time. He can tease and pound, he can hit all the right spots… and he is not focused on getting his rocks off, but rather making sure each fucking stroke feels good for me. I quickly learned his favorite positions and his rhythm. I begged him to fuck me rough and hard. He did. Oh he did so well.

Sophia joked not to say “don’t stop”… whatever you do, don’t say those two words… the guy will stop… not sure why… but he does. Mike did not stop. I was ready to pop him one if he did. He joked and said he learned his lesson to listen and hear the words.

That is one of the things about them. They have some good comedic timing. The stories they tell and the experiences they have are hilarious. In between our time having sex we all shared some great stories. We also shared some things we want to try. Some things that have been on our bucket lists and what we want to possibly try together.

As we talked about some of the things I wanted to do, like DP Sophia suggested we do it while we were there. No reason why we couldn’t do it while we were all there. There was a little prep work that needed to be done, but by the time we were leaving we would have that off our list.

Sophia gave me a heads up on what we needed to do to prep and once that was done we tried it on Saturday night. Sophia asked me if I wanted her to be in the room or just Mark, Mike and myself. I wasn’t sure how to answer. Sophia told me she was glad her first time was just her, the SM and Mike. She told me how it started and I wanted to try that they way they did it. I felt a bit weird copying her, but she didn’t mind.

We headed off to the bedroom and Sophia was in the other room. We heard nothing from her while we were off having some fun. I was a little worried once I had a moment to think of her. She had ended up taking a nap. I laughed really hard when I found out she was napping. Here I was worried she would be bothered we were taking so long having a threesome and trying DP and she was napping.

Mike led the way for the threesome. We didn’t just go straight into the shoving cocks in my ass and pussy. He made this a highly erotic memory for me. We did all the things I wanted in a threesome. Both of them sharing my pussy. Both of them kissing me. Both of them tasting how wet I got from all their attentions. Then Mike asked me who I wanted in my ass. I hadn’t thought of it at that point, I was not sure how to decide. Mike suggested that he go in from behind so that Mark can see my face while I cum. I straddled Mark and was rubbing my pussy on his cock while Mike paid a lot of attention to my ass. He didn’t just go straight in, he fingered me and stretched me while I was basically dry humping my husband. I wasn’t actually dry at this point and time, but fuck it made me so wet.

As I was primed for Mike to enter my ass, he pulled me up straight and turned me so he could kiss me. He was still fingering my ass and asked me if I was ready. I was. I so was. He then slid the tip of his cock to my bud and then entered me. It was slow and steady and it felt so good. He started thrusting with a steady rhythm until Mark was ready to lift me just a bit until he could slide his cock in me as well.

Both men stopped briefly until I was completely in and then Mike started the rhythm they both would follow. I came and came and came again and again. Sophia told me it was fucking incredible and I have to say it is more than I could imagine.

I was spent by the time the threesome was over. Mike was spent. Mark was spent and Sophia was still napping. We crawled into bed with Sophia and enjoyed a much needed nap.

When we all woke up and Sophia asked us how it went and listened to us with excitement for me at having this experience, pride of hearing how much I enjoyed her husband and gave me a hug with genuine happiness that I could share her husband, I knew that we had something rather incredible.

Wet Kisses, Amber

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