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A Dark and Stormy Night….

The weather outside is dark and stormy. It has been storming for two days and I am feeling so bored and restless. I turn on some music to dance just to use up some of this excess energy I have from not getting out of the house lately. The thunder and lightening going off in the night sky adds to the pounding beat of the music I have blaring in the house.

For a quick moment the music stops as a new song is beginning its first beats when I hear my doorbell chime. I cannot imagine who would be at my door in this weather. I cautiously look out the peep hole and see a man and a woman soaked through to their skin shivering on the other side of the door. I keep the chain lock engaged and open the door.

“Hello, Can I help you?” I ask with more confidence than I feel.

“Hi, I am Rob and this is my girlfriend Brianna. We are on our way up the mountain but have gotten lost in the storm. We are about out of gas and pulled into your driveway hoping you will let us park here and wait out the storm.”

I didn’t know what to say. Part of me wanted to say yes park in the drive and stay there please… and another part of me wanted to invite the couple in out of the rain so they can dry off and warm up. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds when Briana began speaking.

“I know this may be a surprise and you are probably worried we will hurt you. Honest, we are okay sitting in the car until the storm passes, but we wanted to let you see us both instead of you seeing a car with two people in your drive.”

Again, I just stood there not sure what to do or say. I did nod my head so they wouldn’t think I was an idiot. Finally, I found my voice and figured out what to say to them…

I asked to see their driver’s licenses. Rob dug into his back pocket to pull out his wallet and showed me his identification. Brianna ran to the car and grabbed her purse and pulled out her wallet when she got back on the doorstep. Their first names appeared the same and I snapped a picture of both licenses with my phone I pulled from the table by the door. I sent a quick text to my friend Mandy telling her briefly why I sent them. She texted back ‘gotcha, will text you every 15 minutes till they leave.’ I showed Rob and Brianna my phone with the message from Mandy.

I invite them into the house, tell them to take their shoes off on the rug. I motion to the hall tree by the door and tell them to hang up their coats while I get them each a towel. I return to find them still soaked in their clothes and know they will need to get out of them. I ask if they have any extra clothes in their car. Rob explains that they were going to have dinner at the Mountain Top Lodge so they were just here for the day.

I ask them if they would want to take a hot shower to warm up while I dry their clothes. I have some things they can change into in the meantime. Rob looked at me like I was a bit crazy thinking he would want to wear some girl clothes… I mentioned that a good friend of mine… a guy has some clothes here he can probably fit into if he wanted to warm up. He laughed and said ‘thanks, that would be very nice.’

I show Rob to the hall bath and lay out some of the manly products my friend keeps here… along with some dry clothes. I take Brianna to the master bath where the girly products reside. My bathroom is a girl’s dream come true… it has a huge soaker tub and an awesome shower with multiple shower heads. A few of those heads are perfectly situation to bring great joy to a girl. I show Brianna where all the products are and tell her how to work the shower. I turn around to face her as I begin telling her about how wonderful the soaker tub is when I notice the girl is completely naked and absolutely beautiful.

I know she sees me looking over every inch of her body… I see her with wet hair laying across her shoulders… her beautiful heart shaped face looking flush from going from wet and cold to soaking in the warmth of the house. Her nipples are hard and bring all kinds of attention to her perfect C cup breasts. They are high and perky and I swear my pussy is alive with want.

This want for her surprises me as I have never felt drawn to a woman before. But seeing her breasts right there in front of me brings a heat and wetness to me… I look down her belly and I see her bare pussy. My mouth is open as I look with longing at her pussy. Brianna moves her hand from her thigh over to her lower lips, stroking her opening.

I know I am being tested by Brianna as she witnessed me staring at her body and my bodies response to her. My nipples were hard and my breathing was racing.

Brianna slides her finger into her wet heat and strokes herself a few times until she brings her dripping fingers into her mouth… Watching her suck her juices off her finger turned me on so much I let out a moan…

Brianna places her fingers back to gather more of her sweet juice and then pulls her fingers out and holds her hand out to me… “Want to taste?” she asked me.

I did. So much I did. I walked the few steps towards her and gently took her hand and placed her fingers into my eager mouth.

She tasted like heaven.

Brianna moved a few steps closer and placed her lips on mine. She then took her tongue and stroked the outside of my lips. She whispered, ‘take a shower with me’.

I was helpless to speak and simply nodded. I had a tank top with yoga pants as my outfit today. No bra and no panties. Brianna took the bottom of my tank and pulled up over my head and threw it down on the floor. She then grabbed my yoga pants and slowly slipped them down my hips. When she saw I was not wearing any panties she whispered, ‘it was like you knew we were coming over.’

I helped her remove the pants from my feet… she reached around me and grabbed my ass, gently gripping the cheeks…. her breasts touching mine… our nipples both hard and rubbing against each other… my pussy was dripping wet now…

Brianna must has smelled my arousal because the next thing I knew her fingers were buried deep in my pussy…. she pulled those fingers out and sucked my juices loudly…

Suddenly my phone vibrates and pings that I have a text message. I look over at the phone knowing I need to respond or Mandy will be worried. I move to grab my phone off the counter and respond ‘All is good. My gut says not to worry. Text back every hour instead of 15 minutes. Or maybe every two hours.’ Mandy replies, ‘Are you sure?’ Brianna who had been reading the messages next to me tells me to send Mandy her and Rob’s numbers so she won’t worry. I do. Mandy says she will check in later.

Brianna and I smile at each other and I figured the ‘fun’ was over. However, Brianna asks if I am ready for the shower. I agree and we enter the shower together. I turn the water on quite warms and show her where to stand for the best benefits.

One shower head hits her clit perfectly. The one on the other side of the wall hits her from behind. It takes little time before Brianna is near climax… I am sensually washing her back, arms, and of course those breasts while she is squirming as the water beats a sexy rhythm she loves.

Her moans are loud and sexy as hell. I have one finger rubbing my clit and the other fingers buried in my pussy. I turn more to face Brianna’s breast and kneel down and place my mouth on her breast… I take that nipple in my mouth and roll the tip with my tongue. Brianna begs me to nip it just a little. I do. She screams as she cums. Her whole body is convulsing from pleasure. She can barely speak but demands I bite her nipple harder.

I have never done this before and I am not sure I will do it correctly. I take a stab at it and bite harder than before…. She yells out harder and I do. I bite her nipple even harder now.

Well, gotta get some things done…. till next time….

A Few Questions…

This blog will be a bit different as I am going to ask and answer a few of the most common questions… yes, I am going to do it both myself… a little weird to say it… but come on… every person who writes a blog, column or whatever will write the questions asked and answer them… so, yeah, my brain is working that way right now… but these are questions that many have asked me, why not…

  • Will full swappers play with soft swappers? 
    • It depends… on the individual or couple…some are great and some are assholes..depends on which you come across.
  • Why do some people look for a couple and their male half doesn’t play? 
    • Good question.. if you are a couple where both play and you come across a couple where only one part plays… then expect a threesome and an audience… if you and your spouse are soft swap or if you are looking for a FMF… or FFM… this may be your answer instead of looking for a unicorn… as you know those are very hard to come by… 
  • When at a party, do people actually have sex? 
    • Yes and no..never a simple answer when asking about swinging… some parties are just get together and drink and talk and maybe kiss or show a bit-o-boob… some are fuck and suck parties as in… you can fuck or suck anyone you want… or not but watch… or you can do someone but your spouse doesn’t have too… or you…. well surely you get the drift… anything goes… it really depends on the party hosts… if they talk about play rooms, condoms, or naked by nine… that means playing is an option….
  • If you are at a party and you want to play with just a certain person do you have to have sex with others? 
    • Never… even if you are in a puppy pile, you do not have to have sex with everyone in the pile… 
  • What is a puppy pile? 
    • It is similar to an orgy… some call an orgy a puppy pile… but often a puppy pile is when two couples hang out on the same bed and anything or anything within your boundaries goes… Personally, I love puppy piles… but only if the female is actually bi… puppy piles can have any number of folks involved… 
  • What does ‘actually bi’ mean?
    • The bi person actually gives and receives rather equally…. there are other variations of bi, but they really need to be explained before play starts or someone is going to be hurt (feelings) that their wishes were not respected… 
  • What does respect mean in the lifestyle to you?
    • Ah this is a tough one as for me, respect is often demanded but not often given… If you want me to respect you, you have to deserve my respect. Demanding that someone respects you when their actions are not disrespectful makes it difficult for others to have respect for you. Just because you have all kinds of rules and beliefs of what respect is doesn’t mean that others will know what those rules are… and the rules are a bit crazy, then how on earth would they know them before they ‘violated’ them. Normal rules of respect seem more appropriate. Talk to me and ask me before you touch me…. talk to me and if my spouse is next to me… talk to him as well. Do not lie to me… be honest… oddly enough, many cannot do that… much like we learned in Kindergarten… oddly enough this doesn’t change just because we are swingers… just because you want to add all kinds of rules… someone NOT shaving their pubic hairs is not disrespectful to you…. and before you say it is your preference… consider you pushing your preferences on someone else is disrespectful…. so watch it… 
  • Are you ever jealous when your husband is with another woman? 
    • Overall my answer is No. However, I do get pissed when hubby is fucking a woman and their husband is an asshole and didn’t bother to tell me that he wouldn’t get it up short of an act of God. So to me, that may come off as jealousy but it isn’t. We were manipulated and lied to and that is NOT GOOD.  And it is not Jealousy… Like really, I am jealous of a limp dick when hubby can get hard all the time…. BUT….Hubby better pay attention and realize what the fuck is not happening on my end and finish me off… the lying couple doesn’t deserve him making sure the lying wife is getting it good… the first time that happened… I may have appeared pissed… the second time, hubby stepped up and finished me off in a spectacular fashion… and well… again it isn’t jealousy… I do not get jealous of hubby with another woman. IT TURNS ME ON! I also do not get jealous of hubby because that means that I will have to limit what I get to do or who I get to do. I am too selfish to put that limitation on myself to put it on him because of jealousy. On a more serious note… I told hubby that we had to be able to do this jealousy free… if one of us is jealous then we will not do this… I am not a possessive person. I do not own him. We are not cheating on each other. We chose to meet with others and fuck them. Jealousy doesn’t seem to fit in there at all. NOT AT ALL… and despite that fact that watching hubby making his moves with another woman turns me on… I am not the type that has to watch him while he is making his moves or fucking the other woman. He can be out of my sight and it still turns me on… not jealous.
  • How hard lined are you on your preferences?
    • Not hard at all. Seriously. I prefer non-smokers. I have kissed and fucked smokers. I prefer guys with hair on their head and have been with bald men and had lots of fun. I have no particular TYPE of guy and have lots of fun with all types of men…. same with hubby…. we enjoy the person we are with not a type or preference…. there are some that look iffy on paper and a lot of fun in person… and those who look fun on paper are boring as shit in real life… so no hard lines on my preferences… but believe me… I do know that anything can happen… and sometimes a ‘perfect’ prospect does something ‘horrific’ when we meet and they cause their own demise…. LOL… 
  • How important is friendships to you? Do they mean more than the sex?
    • That is a tough one… I have had people who wanted to be friends or so they said and then we had sex and they only wanted to have sex. I am okay with once and done… just be honest about it… I am okay with being friends… but I do not need to be friends with someone I fuck before or after. However, we do seem to have a lot of fun and have a number of people that I consider friends… but the real friends are fewer than one would believe… and that is because REAL friends are well… real… you do more than just fuck and talk at parties. 
  • Do you like men to cum on your face? 
    • NO.
  • Where do you like me to cum? 
    • Well call me old fashion… but in the usual holes… mouth, puss… and well.. you get the picture… in the swinging world… where condoms are used… I am not the girl to cover with cum… maybe once in a while on my breasts… but let’s get real…I am really not interested in having cum all over my body because you didn’t want to wear a condom… if you are unwilling to consider licking your cum off my body… then find a better way to taking care of your load…. kinda crass I know… but come on… have you ever tried to get cum out of your hair or find all the places it spread too before it dries and you are peeling off a layer of cum while still at a party? Or having to take a shower and NOT look like you are a fucking drowned rat…. 
  • Condoms, disease, and other germs…what do you think about all that?
    • With everything you do in life… like living… there are risks… if you choose not to wear a condom you put yourself at risk… you are believing what the other person says about their ‘health’ is true… even if a condom is used all the time… disease can happen…. and then  you have the oral sex portion of it and believe me this is a conversation you need to have with your partner and make sure you are on the same page and have accurate information. Even if you do everything right, you can get exposed to some nasty shit… life is full of risks… and sometimes that includes flu, mono, strep…. and the common cold… if you are going to aware of the risk… man or woman up and accept responsibility for the risks… don’t whine about the risks if you are not willing to accept the risk… and if you don’t feel comfortable… get the fuck out! Not to be mean… but you will need to do what you are most comfortable with and if you are going around and talk about how you are fearful of getting something… people aren’t going to want to be around you… because you basically called them a diseased ridden individual. So that is my thought on the subject…. 
  • What is your favorite position?
    • I love getting fucked from behind and I love anal… so I have a few favorite positions… and I found that sometimes my favorite position is the one I never tried before… lots of fun to be had if you are willing to be open to the possibilities…
Well, if I don’t stop and get this posted….
Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure…. and if you have any questions… just ask… 

Ever Get SOOOO Horny……

Ever get sooooo horny that you cannot do enough to take care of the need?  And before you go there…. that my hubby is not taking care of things well enough… that is not the problem here….. the problem is…..

We are sexually social… means we enjoy and want to have sex with other people… we begin to connect with others and flirt with others and sexting with others… and chat with others in the dirty ways…. and well you have this urge…. this urge that cannot be quenched by just anyone… you have to have that person….do the quenching… be the want you feel… the physical ache is not just physical… it is a mental/physical connection/need/ache.

So let me try to explain this….. see if you can understand… and if you do… please let me know if you have some way to fix this PROBLEM when the person you are SOOOO HORNY for live hundreds if not thousands of miles away from you and life and schedules get in the way of making this connection happen….

Okay… for me… I do not perv profiles looking for people to contact…. it doesn’t seem like the best use of my time…but I will engage in the forums and on chat… get to know folks that way… so we do a series of Hello’s and How are you’s…. and then sometimes real chatting starts… sometimes the chatting doesn’t start to quickly… but that is a whole other subject…. but really talking with them happens and well damn… a virtual physical and emotional connection starts….

I will perv profiles of the newbies on chat to check them out as they do me… if there is something interesting about their profile or pictures…. or they see something about mine that intrigues them… and we may flirt on the main chat and then a side chat starts….

There is something really cool when while chatting dirty… their dirty chats fit so well in yours… and you then find yourself expanding what you would do as they have found a way to get you to desire their desires….

Yeah… I am not sure if that made sense… so let me explain it in this manner…. and this is a combination of several ‘folks’ I have had this type of conversation with…. but I am sure… a few people will see themselves in these examples… and if you do… you will know how much I want to and need to fuck you…. very much damn it….

First… I am not a submissive person…. Do not tell me that you will punish me if I don’t do something you tell me to do… So many have made that mistake with me… and I will just ‘phone it in’ just to get done with the chat so that I can save the ‘nice girl’ reputation of not being rude…. I do not get off being told what to do… and expected to do it….. I will roll my eyes and laugh at you… not that you will know that because we have a computer and thousands of miles between us… but just know… it is not a turn for me….

I am not really into BDSM and certainly not as a submissive… and if there are things that I am interested in (and yes there are a few)… I enjoy them from the dominant side of things rather than the submissive….

However, that does not mean that I am dominant with my play partners… I am not really interested in a role of dominant and/or submissive when I have sex… I really, really enjoy when the sex just happens… no roles played out… just the desires played out… what I want and what you want and what we both want without having a script, a role, an expectation…. just sex, pure and simple…. and dirty even…. mmmm… now we are talking….

So imagine my surprise when I have had a number of things told to me by one person that they are going to do me that turns me off because it was going to be done to me in a submissive role….

And then someone else comes up and says…. in a totally different manner of speaking… that they would love to while sliding their cock into my needy pussy…. to put their hand over my throat…. and lightly squeeze…. while pounding the shit out of me…. and kissing me.. and seeing the pleasure shared between us both….. and it is said as a desire, not an order… and at that moment… I know they ‘get’ me and I want to do that thing with them…. and only them…

Okay… so here is the thing… I hate when a necklace chain is too short and tight on my neck… I cannot wear a turtleneck without thinking I am going to die… I cannot wear a scarf in all those fashionable ways…. if it is too tight on my neck…. I cannot stand my neck squeezed in a hug that is too tight… I feel claustraphobic…. but….

Here is this guy who I have a desire to fuck…. a strong desire to fuck… telling me via text that he would love to be fucking me… hearing my juices while he slides into my pussy… and then kiss me deeply… and while kissing me and pounding into me…. move his hand to my neck… not hard… gently… feeling my pulse under his fingers… adding a little pressure…. seeing my face accept his hand there… yeah… after that moment of fear passes…. and there will be fear there… as his kisses and his cock reassure me that I am safe…. ummm yeah… thinking of THAT with HIM… a huge turn on…. the stuff fantasies are made from….

I know what you are thinking… I am submissive… I lied about my submissiveness….

Well, nope… not at all…

No lying here… I am not submissive as a whole… I do not like to be told what I HAVE TO DO… but I do love to know what a man or woman wants to do to me…. and if there is a connection with that person telling what they want to do… to me… I am open to trying it…. I may not ever do it again… and I may not do it with anyone else… but I do enjoy to do it with them….

See, if hubby told me today after reading this he wants to choke me… or rather… while fucking me and kissing me… placing his hand on my neck….. I would tell him FUCK NO!…. and not because of anything other than… I would want to try that first with this particular person who introduced it to me first….

That is how my mind works…. I would not want anyone else to do that until that person who mentioned it to me – did it to me first….

So there is a guy who talks to me about having my pussy filled with my husband’s cum and fucking me hard…. feeling the cum and my juices mixing around his cock… then him filling me up as well…. and then later… the roles being reversed… him first then hubby….. and you know what…. I cannot think of letting someone do that with me and hubby and it not be him… I need him and hubby to do that to me… similar to the way he described…. and I am leaving out the details on purpose because I woke up very horny today….. and writing all those details would kill me… with want….

But he has shared this fantasy with me while we chatted… and it is something I need to do with him and hubby… and SO FUCKING SOON!!!!!

Now, hubby and I have had MFMs before… and we had a man stay with us for the weekend… and we fucked all weekend… but while it was close to it… it wasn’t the same… and largely because I know how much he wants it… how much I want it… and how much hubby wants it to happen – the three of us….

Damn distance thing…

But…. those urges… those needs… those physical things that are building up in the chats are just a few things that get a girl going… sometimes it is the need for the emotional connection too….

Now… if you think I am talking about love… you gotta read my posts about “What’s Love Got To Do With It”….. but what I am talking about is the level of connection that builds when you have an attraction to someone and it is more than just sexual release… when it is a combination of many elements and then there is the physical need… and the desire to go further than you have gone before with someone…

It is a great thing when this desire is building inside you… it is also frustrating when you want so much…. and you can’t have that person at the time you want them….

I have had this situation before and when the opportunity to fulfill happens… it isn’t a let down… for me it isn’t… I mean… I may write scenarios about sex… and even when chatting I write down what I want to do to a man… but it wasn’t a checklist… but to let him know how much I desire him… want him… but when I get with them in person… none of the scripted stuff from our chats happen… we move very organically… going with whatever feels right at the time.. making a lot of new memories… that were never mentioned in the texts…

No expectations only lots of wetness, horniness, desire, energy (physical and sexual), lots and lots of fucking…

Well, this made me hornier today than I already was…

Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure….


Playing with Fire….

Bella lived across the street from the scene of a horrible fire. She was about to head off to bed and was turning off the lights in her house when she noticed it was still quite bright in her living room. She looked outside her windows and noticed her neighbor’s house was on fire. She called 911 and grabbed her shoes to see if there was anything she could do… She tried to remember if her neighbors were home… she didn’t see them in the yard… she began to panic.

She looked up at the windows on the second floor to see if there was anyone looking out or trying to get out… she knew they had some pets.. but she couldn’t remember how many or what kind. She also wondered about the kids.. they were somewhere around five and seven… she didn’t see anyone at the windows… she started to go around the back of the house when she heard the sirens….

The engines arrived and she was asked if she was the homeowner…. she stated no… lived there across the street…. she filled him in on what she knew and what she didn’t know… it was dark outside and she was focused on the fire… she couldn’t pull her eyes from the fire… but when she did…. she knew she should have avoided those eyes…

His eyes were dark brown… and held so much knowledge… she could tell… there were so many stories in his eyes and she wanted to find out about them… she knew some of those stories were not good ones… but she needed him to tell her anyway… and she had no idea why… what was it about his eyes…

He was saying something to her and to his team of firefighters… she knew she was in the way…. she had no idea what he said…. but she started to back away… to get out of his way…. he grabbed her arm and asked her name… ‘Bella’ she whispered…. he replied… “Bella, I will want to talk to you later… I am Kyle…”

Bella had no idea what he needed to talk to her about or when… but she nodded okay and stood off to the side out of the way…. until the fire was out…. waiting for him to finish and talk with her…

The family was not in the house…. which was a good thing…. somewhere during the night while they were fighting the fire Bella went inside her own home and fell asleep watching from the window…

When she woke up the sun was up and she looked outside… the trucks were gone and all that remained was a burned out home…. she jumped in the shower and got ready for the day… her mind lingering on the fact that Kyle was going to talk to her… sometime… his eyes still had her attention.. she had no idea what he looked like really under his gear… but his eyes captured her…. she needed to see him… she wanted to go down to the station to see if he was there…. she could use the excuse he wanted to talk to her…. about the fire… yeah that is what she would do…

She put on some black lace boy shorts and went without a bra under her black tank dress… her curly hair was dry and looked very good… just a bit of mascara and lip gloss and she was ready to go…. her doorbell rang…

She opened her door and it took a moment to recognize him… it was Kyle… she recognized him from his eyes… but his body was built… strong… very much a man… so much more than she thought he would look like… but here she was staring at him…

Her voice wouldn’t work right and it took her a bit of time to tell him to come in… she shouldn’t have looked at his eyes… she saw desire in them… and she was pleased… she wanted him to desire her… but more than that… she wanted him to take her right now… her breathing hitched… her nipples hardened… her pussy clenched… and wetness soaked her panties… what was with this man…. what was with her body…

He moved into her house and took a seat on her sofa… there were many seating options in her home.. but she chose to sit on the sofa next to him… she saw his eyes light up with laughter and yes that desire was still there… she turned to face him and as she did… her dress hiked up her legs… the dress was short to begin with.. but this made her tanned legs look very good…

He noticed… his eyes were memorizing every inch of her legs.. then he moved up her body and yes… he realised she was not wearing a bra… he could see the entire breast… every bit of it despite the fabric draped over her nipples….

Bella reached out and touched his arm.. her fingers tracing the muscles that showed great definition and moved up his arm to his shoulder and then she raised herself up and closer to him… she placed her other hand on his cheek… tilted his head up and looked directly in his eyes as she lowered her head… her lips touching his softly for just a moment… then she no longer cared how soft she was… she took control of his mouth… tasting him… his mouth opened and she took that opportunity to really kiss him hard….

He led her body to straddle him… his cock was already responding to her kisses… she rubbed her pussy on him and moaned into the kiss… Kyle’s hands were busy feeling every inch of her… sliding her dress up and over her head… she attacked his t-shirt…. she wanted to feel his skin under the shirt… she needed to feel him…

He broke the kiss to pay great attention to her breasts… as he did she rocked back and forth against his cock… nearing herself to an orgasm… she couldn’t believe how much she needed this man… she didn’t know… hadn’t met before last night…

Kyle felt the same way… he needed to feel Bella in every way possible… Bella was trying to get his pants opened and he lifted his hips up to make this a bit easier….

Bella lets out a sigh of pure desire when Kyle’s cock was finally freed… she smiled an incredible smile, licked her lips, and stroked his cock immediately….

“Pill… clean… no partners since last test…. you?” Bella said in between her heavy breathing…

“Clean…fuckkkkkk….” he never finished his statement as she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him… god that felt so good… Bella shimmied her panties off and then straddled him again… this time with the intention of filling her pussy with his cock….

“Sorry Kyle… it has been too long since the last time… and I want you in me now…”

Bella rode him with great pleasure filling her face and her pussy… Kyle had one nipple in his mouth and one in his hand…. his hips moving in sync with Bella… Bella was a wild woman… who knew her sexuality and was quite thrilled sharing it with him…

She was so close to cumming and told him so… she leaned down and kissed Kyle and asked him to please fuck her harder…. he obliged…. he had no problem taking this woman harder… what a turn on for him she was….

Kyle waited until Bella exploded around him… sucking him in further from her orgasm… he came and he came hard… so turned on he was…. Bella’s shuttering stopped, but her breathing was still ragged… so was his… he hadn’t cum that hard with a woman in such a long time…

Bella made no effort to move off of him… and that was just fine with him… He enjoyed having her body on him… feeling her heart racing still from her desire… feeling the warmth of her pussy on his cock…

A few moments later… Bella moved off of him… but to his surprise instead of moving to the side of him on the sofa… Bella moved down onto the floor between his legs… she nestled herself in that space and took his cock in her hand… it was covered with his cum and her juices.. he could see her cream at the very bottom of his cock… the sight of the evidence of her pleasure turned him on… but not as much as what Bella did next….

With her eyes locked on his… Bella placed her tongue on the base of his cock and began licking up the juices… hers and his on his cock… she licked his cock and then licked her lips… one lick there… one lick here…. then her lips again… she was so hot… Kyle felt his cock hardening again… Bella took his cock all the way into her mouth… every last bit of it… taking every last bit of their juices…

Kyle knew with Bella… he was playing with fire…..

Hope you enjoy your sexually social adventure….


Full Swap and Soft Swap… Can They Get Along?

On Kasidie there is a thread going that talks about how rude and horrible full swappers are…. 

I will admit here and now… I don’t get soft swapping… 

Yes, I know what soft swapping is… but I don’t get why that is a preference for people… I am NOT JUDGING THEM…. I just don’t get it… so we do not do soft swap as a preference or option… Here is my post from today…. I think it shows why we don’t soft swap. 

I just don’t know why people seem to think one preference is better than the other… or if someone chooses full swap they are horrible because they won’t soft swap…. 

There is also an issue of the opening posters profile name that indicates full swapping… it is also included in this post… and I really think it demonstrates how stubborn or unteachable some people are… but that is another post for another reason…. 

I will get back to the Kink series soon… bu this just seemed important to share…. 

We are a full swap couple… we are honest about the fact we are full swap… but that doesn’t mean we will not meet with you for dinner or drinks or at a club or house party if you are a soft swap couple… we have met with folks that are soft swap because they asked us to meet with them and made it clear their intentions and that they do not play on the first date…. and when they do play they will only be soft swap… we will likely not soft swap with them… we will be more than happy to meet with them and get to know them and hang out with them but we will not likely soft swap with them…. that is not our thing…. and we tell them that up front… we have no problem becoming friends with them… but we will not soft swap with them… 

We do not expect soft swap folks to full swap with us… and we do not expect to be pressured into soft swapping only with them…  and yes… believe it or not… that has happened to us… people who know we do not soft swap will pressure us to soft swap with them…. 

I will be honest… we have gone on dates where the rule was no play will happen and we had incredible makeout sessions with them… and had a lot of fun… and that is all that WE allowed to happen… but I will not get undressed in any way shape or form with a soft swap couple…. 

I can’t promise that if I find myself attracted to a person and going down on him or him on me that I won’t be wanting to have him fuck me… to complete the moment… complete the experience… I can’t promise in the heat of the moment I am not going to care what their limits are… so I will just do what feels good at the moment… and if the partner is not stopping me…. well… damn it all… let’s go all the way…. 

So I avoid the situation… seems like the best option… keeps us out of situations where drama can ensue…. 

We have had some full swap couple situations that ended up only be soft swap for a number of reasons… which I won’t get into here… but they left me wanting what did not happen with that person… 

So we do not do soft swap… it may make us bad people… but because this is how we are… we avoid soft swap situations… we do not want to be a couple that finds out that me or hubby wanted it so bad and so did one or both of the others only to regret that they did… or one person went to far and the drama ensued…. 

We avoid soft swap for that reason…. 

I am also gonna say this… if you are honest about your intentions up front… verbal and in written form…. (just in case some people don’t read profiles)… you did your due diligence… if they pursue full swapping with you and try to pressure you into the full swapping… then they are assholes…. 

And just so you know the world isn’t full of assholes… they are just strategically placed so you run across them daily…. 

But you owe nothing to someone who is acting like an asshole… but at the same time… if you see a profile and or a couple in a club or at a party and you find out they are full swap only… avoid trying to get them to soft swap with you….

Full swappers are people too… we are not perfect nor are we all horrible people forcing themselves on others… for the most part… if you tell a full swapper you are soft swap and it is not something they will want to participate in.. they will decline nicely without being rude… without attacking your choice…. 

If by chance they are assholes… it isn’t because they are full swappers… it is because they are assholes…. 

One last thing.. everything we do on the site from our name, profile, pictures, preferences, forum posts, chat comments, emails, texts, in person behaviors and words go a long way in telling others who we are…. it is our marketing campaign… it makes us either appealing to others or sometimes turns people off… 

I get that your name is special to you…. but the mixed messages your name sends adds to the problem or potential for additional problems… you may have a number of people who are into the hot wife thing to think that you are wanting to full swap but just taking your time finding the right reason… or the right couple… and who doesn’t want to think they are the couple that will be your first full swap or next full swap couple… to have a hot wife experience…. 

I get that you don’t want to change your name… you said as much… but I don’t think you will be free from the people thinking you will change your mind to full swap with the name you have… 

But it is your adventure to enjoy….. your way… 

Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure….


Finding Your Kink…. Exploring Your Kink…. Or Asking What Defines Kink Part Three

I have throughout my sexually social adventure found myself learning a great deal about myself….

as I said in the first part… some of what I have found out is not sex related…. but me as a person… and I blame it on kink…. That is said tongue in cheek as it is not a bad blame but rather it is a happy blame as I discovered something great about myself…. 
Largely sexual freedom… yes, sexual freedom that has made me a better person… let me see if I can explain this and how it matches up with kink, finding your kink, exploring your kink or asking what defines kink….. 
When you are turned on by something… in this case as I am a swinger… having sex with other people besides my husband… and you have the freedom to explore and that frees up your mind…. frees it from guilt, anxiety, and other emotions that clogs up your brain and makes you feel like you are doing something wrong…. 
I can enjoy my swinging activities and partners because it is fulfilling my sexual desires… my sexual needs.. I crave variety and swinging (kink) provides that for me… 
But that is not all that I crave… I am not sure how to explain it to others where it makes sense… some of my kinks because when I mention a kink someone will automatically decide that my kink needs to go one way or another rather than my way… and that is I believe the hardest thing about finding your kink and letting others know about it… is if those you tell understand they have to listen to what you are saying rather than assuming what you mean, or assuming the role you will take, or assuming they know you better than you know yourself…. 
I believe it is possible for others to see something in you that you are not able to see about yourself…. I get that because I have been a social worker in the mental health field… I was trained to notice things.. I was trained and put into practice skills and knowledge to watch and learn… and by doing just that I can pick up on what people are like and likely to do… however, that does not mean I know everything about them… I have insight… but to really know that person… I have to ask them… I have to listen to them… I have to be willing to LEARN…. and many do not do that… 
And that is sad… but it isn’t rare… in fact it is sadly very common… very disappointing that it is very common… 
On chat one night I was talking in private chat with a female friend… she is very kinky and I say that with great respect for her… she has made it known that she is into BDSM and she is also into having a separate boyfriend and/or girlfriend… in many ways… we have a lot of similarities… but instead of assuming we are alike in all ways… I know that we have many more differences than similarities. That is what I love about her… I can learn about her and myself by having a conversation with her… and that is the key CONVERSATION WITH HER… not at her…. or about her… but with her… we can ask questions and defer to each other’s advice… we can see what we need to do to accomplish a task/goal/wishlist item… we have built respect between each other… 
We have also noticed that so many people fail to hear us when we speak… she likes BDSM whereas I really don’t…. when I am confronted with talk of it… I will listen and learn… but I have no desire to have nipple clamps or suction cups placed on my breasts…. and I am not talking about saying no without trying… several people have tried it on me… enough to say that I have no interest in nipple clamps… I only feel pain and it hurts… I derive no sexual pleasure from it… I hurt… plain and simple. The suction cup things feel like the suction from the breast pump… and that hurt like hell too… and if it wasn’t for the fact that it helped feed my babies… I would not have tolerated that either… I didn’t go around using my breast pump for sexual fun… it is not my thing.. 
I have tried it with several people…. and even after explaining it and telling them just what I mentioned above… I am constantly told that if I relaxed more I would enjoy it… if I embraced the pain more I would enjoy it… but the kicker comes when they ORDER ME to do it… 
Seriously… I am so not submissive in that manner… you cannot order me to do something and to have a threat of a spanking or told I am being a bad girl… I laugh in your face… I am not submissive in that manner… I have trouble while in church being told to turn to my neighbor and say “HOWDY NEIGHBOR”… that isn’t what I would normally say to people so don’t tell me to say that… 
So when someone goes on and on about the need for me to do something under the threat of punishment… I roll my eyes… and do not complete the plan… I fail to see why they won’t listen to me… I am NOT SUBMISSIVE….

I have kinks but that is not one of them…. please hear that and stop thinking I suddenly will… I won’t… it is not my kink…

I am also not one that does well with humiliation or humiliating others… but when I tell them of something that I am interested in finding out more about… well.. for example… the idea of denial of a man is interesting to me… it appeals to me…. the teasing of a guy to get them to the point of needing to cum but not letting him cum…. just yet… well, that is a great thrill for me… but not when I would have to call him a sissy, or degrade him in any way… I enjoy the thrill of the situation… getting a man hard and very horny… ready to erupt but not being able to cum… and sometimes that is because they are working… not because they don’t deserve to cum or they have to be degraded before they can cum… 
But so often that is the assumption and that is the attitude the others seem to take… talking about playing with a male chastity device does not necessarily mean degrading him… it means to me, not letting him cum and having a helluva good time teasing him… the denial of sexual gratification to me is a thrilling thing to do to a man… but not by humiliating him… but by making him want to cum so bad but he can’t…. in the same token… having him suffer a ruined orgasm… not as a manner to humiliate but to play and explore… 
I have to ask… why does everyone assume everyone else is just like them???? Have to do things just the same exact way???? Have the same motivations as they do???? 
Sometimes I want to scream…. I AM NOT YOU… STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME BE LIKE YOU?????? 
I don’t necessarily want to do everything like you…. do not try to talk me into it… do not try to pressure me to be like you… do not try to force me to be like you…. 
I am not like you and my desires to investigate this stuff is not like yours… I can make it however I want… so just stop….

But there are some that remain steadfast in the belief that if you do not kink exactly like them then you are doing something wrong… and that cannot be more incorrect…. doing your kink your way is allowed…

I was told that if you share your kink – your way and it is different than the way most do it you will not have anyone to do it with….  I challenge that statement…. what if.. what if… what if… you did mention you (male) like to use a chastity device (male) but you aren’t really into the humiliation portion of it… but love the idea of denial… and you shared that and the person (female) you took the chance on sharing it with found that highly erotic… a huge turn on… something she wanted to be party to and it spoke to her because she likes the idea of that but without the humiliation aspect….

That does happen… it happened to me… and because of this sudden awaking to a new kink in my life… I shared it with hubby…. and it has been mentioned to some others and I found that they would/are interested in this as well… some of them are into other areas of it that I am not… but there are several others that would be willing to delve into this as long as it wasn’t about humiliation – verbal degrading them…. 

But sometimes like many of us believe…. we will be laughed at or rejected because of our kink… And that may be the main reason most do not share their kinks with others… the fact that many in the lifestyle or sexually social adventures or whatever term you use to define your sex life… do not share their kinks is because people just will not listen to you when you try to define your kinks as they are but they are ignored because you are to be a certain way…. 
So where does this rant lead us… it leads us back to my friends I mentioned in yesterday’s post… 
“your kink is my Saturday night” and “kink is whatever takes you out of your comfort zone”…. 
It has to be your kink your way… and that starts by first vocalizing your kinks to yourself… and to your partner…. 
But if you do not know what your kinks are and you cannot admit them to yourself… then you will not have the confidence to stand up for your kinks your way…. 
A forum post about kinks on Kasidie took off in a bad way when someone said that to them anal is a kink… and someone with more kink experience said that anal isn’t a kink…. 
Well, it is… if it is something that is out of your comfort zone it is a kink…. there is no shame in trying it… or defining it… or deciding it is not your kink….

Last night on chat… I mentioned the Human Sex Map and that I found out by finding out what some of the kinks listed are about… I was grossed out… suddenly there were comments about judging people…. I was not judging… I simply said that there are some kinks that gross me out… Never was a single kink mentioned that grossed me out…just that I researched some and some grossed me out… I made a statement last night that I am going to mention it here… there is a difference between being grossed out and judging….

It is okay if a kink turns you off, grosses you out, or otherwise makes itself known to you that it is not your kink… knowing what turns you on and what does not turn you on is not a bad thing… IT IS A GOOD THING…. knowledge is a good thing… knowing what the names of certain kinks mean and if you are willing to do those things… IS A VERY GOOD THING…. let’s say you draw the line at playing with feces… you understand that anal sex has a chance of having ‘feces’ involved and are okay with that… you are even okay with rimming a man or a woman… but you are not okay with the purposely using feces as part of your sex play… there is nothing wrong with knowing where the line is… and what those kinks that use feces as a part of the play is… so if they suggest it.. YOU KNOW what it is you are venturing into…. ATM is not just a money machine and dirty Sanchez may not be what you really want to venture into…. 

Embrace your kinks… it is just as much a part of you as your other quirks in every other part of life… 
Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure…. 

Hall Passes, Heaven or Hell? Part Five

I am not a person who is big on rules for LS things… I firmly believe it is necessary to figure out what works for you individually or as a couple… but when it comes to RULES that are standard across swingerville… that is not what I believe in… but we all need guidelines or starting points… yes, I like starting points… a place to start thinking about what you want to do or how to do it when it comes to being safe…. having fun… and being safe while having fun….

The STARTING POINTS below are not all from me… some of these starting points have come from conversations with others… from forum posts… from chats… so it is something that have been tried with various amounts of success… but it has to fit in with you… and your situation…

  •  How will you hall pass? 
    • both of you? 
    • just one? 
    • rare occasion? 
    • only when the other has a hall pass too?
    • once a year, every other month, every month, whenever it can happen?
    • can you hall pass without prior approval/meeting the other person/as in random hall pass while traveling
      • how often
      • when do you notify the spouse of the spontaneous hall pass?
      • do they even care to know? want to know?
    • only receive those with hall passes together? 
    • how do you decide who to hall pass with?
    • where to hall pass? 
    • how far away to hall pass? 
    • prior meeting of hall pass individual by both parties? 
    • blind hall passing?
    • overnight hall passing?
    • just a few hours to fuck and go?
    • anything else left unasked?
  • Safety Measures?
    • everyone meets first?
    • everyone plays together first?
    • spouse trusts you to be safe on your own (male or female)?
    • FirstName LastName (real ones), addresses, emergency contacts exchanged?
    • Spouse is on the phone with you the whole time?
    • check in texts or calls at specified times? 
    • Spouse is downstairs in the hotel in case of emergency?
    • verifying or vetting hall passee 
      • do they really have a hall pass?
      • do you need to verify this with the spouse?
      • do you know if you actually spoke with the spouse and not an impersonator?
      • have an escape measure if this person is not who they say they are?
      • have a plan of action if the spouse is not aware, the person you verified was not the spouse, and the spouse found out?
    • condom rule?
    • what to do about your heart? 
    • anything else left unasked?
  • Exit Strategy
    • what happens if only one of you wants to continue hall passes? 
    • what will you do if you still want hall passes and your spouse does not or vice versa?
    • can you go back to no hall passes for either of you or just one of you? 
    • what happens when a hall pass becomes more than a hall pass but a recurring relationship similar to poly?
As you can see… these are tough starting points… that is after you go passed the point of actually thinking you can or want to venture into hall passes…. 
Hall passes can be a fun, sexually charged activity… but with everything there are risks, responsibilities, and consequences… you have to go into all of this with your eyes wide open… your reality firmly intact…. and expectations and safety measures in place…. and when you do… you still have to leave room open for the unexpected….. 
Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure…. 

Hall Passes, Heaven or Hell? Part Two

We have had the following hall pass experiences…. a threesome with a hall pass male, a threesome with a hall pass female, a hall pass with me and a married man that also had a hall pass, and an attempt at a hall pass on three occasions with a married man who had a hall pass but couldn’t get it together for a number of reasons to follow through with the hall pass. Hubby had a hall pass potential but she couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that I would be okay with it. We have also tried to find local Single Males that are available to play with me while hubby is working long days… and then when he gets home…. joining in the fun…. that is a whole other story… gee whiz… it shouldn’t be that hard to do….but when I tell you those details… you will see it is…

We both have hall passes granted. I have taken advantage of mine while hubby has not yet… It was something we talked about before it could be accomplished…. or even attempted…. we had to be on the same page. We had to know what we were doing in our sexually social adventure together before we could get this down as a together yet separate play opportunity…..

That is what I believe was the hardest part of it all…. deciding if this would work for us and how we could both be on the same page at the same time…. and we weren’t at first… I was ready for it before hubby was…. we talked about it before it was a ‘really urgent want’ with a person. We talked about it from the first as one of the many options before us… it went from NEVER, to MAYBE, to OKAY BUT WITH CONDITIONS…..

Hubby brought up some real concerns about the male perspective of hall passes….

  • there will be more opportunities to hall pass if you are a woman 
    • true but at the same time….if you are a woman who wants to hall pass with a man…well, there has to be another man available… so in that case…it seems pretty much equal….
    • but there is also the fact that if you want to hall pass with others…. you have to make them want to hall pass with you, which means you have to work hard to make them want you and want you for a hall pass… you need game….
  • there is the safety concerns of ‘making sure the little woman is gonna be safe’…. (said in a John Wayne voice)
    • that is why you set up rules and you agree to meet any potential hall passers….. 
    • or you just trust that she will listen to her gut and run when she feels like she should run….
    • or you find a happy medium…. 
    • I am being a little vague here because it is another topic regarding hall passes which means at least a part three…. so please don’t take those flippant answers seriously just yet….
  • then he mentioned that you know, if you always have hall passes I may feel left out…..
  • and then his concerns that I might not like it if he has a hall pass when I don’t…. (that isn’t an issue as I do not get jealous of him when he is playing in the same room, different room, or having a great time on a hall pass…. over the course of our adventure… he has seen that this is true… and that is great reassurance…. but there is something a bit deeper here… one must ask “Is there a bit of worry that your partner won’t be jealous because they don’t want you anymore…. well, that is not the case…. I fully believed from the very beginning… if I couldn’t handle the fact hubby was having sex with another woman then I had no business being in the lifestyle… and if he felt that way, then neither did he…. that is still my stance today… 
All of those things are critical to note and essential to talk about with your spouse before deciding to HALL PASS …….
It has to be a decision that both are comfortable with, willing to do, willing to accept the consequences (and that is the biggest factor there)….. and those consequences can be doozies….
Consequences of hall passes – not so good ones
  • jealousy
  • attachment
  • feelings of being left out
  • actual danger – if one is not careful in choosing their partner
  • love and other emotional feelings that feel like love 
  • too much time away from their spouse
  • feelings of resentment 
  • feelings of guilt
  • change of heart
  • increase chance of disease – if a recurring hall pass partner – no condoms are often considered and even with the use of a condom…. disease risk occurs… just putting that out there as a PSA..
  • depending on birth control issues…. you know there can always be a chance of pregnancy in hall passes and swinging…. just putting that out there as a PSA… 
  • and sometimes the sex on a hall pass can just be BAD….. because of any number of reasons… 
Consequences of hall passes – the SOOO GOOD ones
  • satisfaction of good sex 
  • freedom to explore one on one sex without the distractions of others watching, participating, and otherwise involved – the ultimate gift between spouses on a sexually social adventure…. 
  • building up the trust and love already in the relationship….
  • increasing the sexual desire for their spouse… sharing the details and having sex while or after sharing those details are often the highlight of many couples who hall pass…. 
  • when the four way connection is not there… it is a form of NOT DENYING your spouse the pleasure of that sexual chemistry/desire for the swinging partner…. it is also a way to get passed the ‘taking one for the team’ issue…..
  • the feelings of love and trust and happiness that comes when the spouse is truly excited, happy, thrilled, turned on that you are going to experience a hall pass with someone you want to have a hall pass or otherwise known as an intimate – one – on – one sexual experience…. 
  • if handled properly by all parties it is an enhancement activity to the marriage and the sexually social adventure… 
For many, as I said on the first part, they cannot see it a good thing because they cannot fully grasp that having sex and enjoying it or a relationship with another person does not diminish your marriage. That is the foundation of ‘swinging’, ‘swapping’, ‘sexually social adventure’, and even ‘poly-ish’ relationships within the realm of ‘swinging’ (as a general term). If the idea of your spouse having sex in a separate bed, separate room, or a completely different location freaks you out or causes you stress… rethink the idea of swinging and stay away from hall passes… 
For those who receives pleasure knowing, with or without seeing, their spouse is enjoying their sexually social adventure even if on a couple date…. and loves the after you get back together sex…. you know how much pleasure you can have from a hall pass situation….
So many have shared this common statement, feeling, and motivation for hall passes….. 
“It is so much of a turn on to have a date with someone other than my spouse knowing my spouse is in full agreement with the date, even encourages the date. I enjoy getting dressed up for the date, planning the night, and it is more than the sex, it is the environment of heightened sexual energy, the expectation of sex with my spouse at home waiting for details, to share the details and explore our newly heightened sexual energy build around the energy from this date. It is a great gift for all of us.”
Tomorrow I am going to talk about some specific comments and situations others have told me and adding some of my own…. a bunch of snippets of hall pass fun and yes, there will be some not so fun stories…. being fair you know…. 
Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure…. 

‘Til the Next Ride…..

The ranch was beautiful, there was no doubt about that…. she can certainly admire the beauty, her senses were on overload… this was a beautiful but crazy idea to come to this ranch for a working vacation. Why did she agree to this? What was she trying to prove? And more importantly, who cared if she proved it.

Her heart had been battered and bruised by men in the past. She needed to prove to herself that she was strong, that she was capable of taking care of herself. She could do both of those things, but was this really the answer to her problems.

It wasn’t as if the working vacation was an easy one. Early mornings and working constantly from the moment she woke up were both energizing and tiring. The bright spot, if she managed to get the chores done properly that cowboy left her alone. She didn’t meet his approval. She didn’t do much right. It was as if he knew she was trying to prove something and he didn’t want her to succeed. Always riding her to catch up, do it better… She chuckled… she wished there was riding being done and she wasn’t talking on a horse… That man was hotter than a man deserved to be. He was also cranky, crabby, mean, and an asshole. It was probably the only thing that kept her from staring and drooling at him all damn day.

She headed back to the barn to do her barn chores, damn if she didn’t know what the cowboy terms for these chores were and that seemed to really bother the cowboy. Cleaning shit out of a stall is still cleaning shit out of a stall no matter how pretty you make the term….her attitude was going down hill she knew it, but damn that man both infuriated her and turned her on.

As soon as she entered the barn the cowboy scowled. It was obvious she had done something wrong, and she was sure it was just breathing…. she gave him an equally dirty look. That asshole can go to hell. She walked over to where the equipment she needed for her glamorous job waited for her. She felt his eyes on her. Every step she made he watched. She was pissed, this had to end. She spun around to face him, anger poring out of every cell of her body.

“Why don’t you like me? What the hell did I do to deserve your attitude? What the f…..”

She never finished asking the last question… the cowboy took several long strides towards her during her rant, grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her with passion and a bit of fury. She opened her mouth to receive his tongue as it probed and sought out ownership of her mouth. Her arms began to reach around his neck pulling him even closer to her…

Just as suddenly he stopped the kiss, surprise shown on her face as a gasp escaped her mouth…

“Darling, you mistake anger for lust… I want you and I plan on taking you right here. You have 2 seconds to tell me no as I plan on taking you right here, right now…”

All she could say was “Yes, Please.”

He turned her towards the barn wall, pushing her hair aside and began kissing her neck… his hands were wrapped around her waist, undoing her belt and jeans, sliding them down her legs…. She spread her legs apart to make this task easier… her reward came when he placed his fingers on her clit and began to stroke the fire building within her…

Her body had been responding in overdrive, she was dripping wet… She heard him unfastening his belt with one hand, the zipper moved down and felt a little shake and shimmy as his pants gathered down around his boots….

He increased his kisses and his ministrations on her clit and she felt his hardness pressing against her ass… his leg between hers spread her even more while she bent forward to make entry easier for them both….

Before she knew it was happening she was filled with his cock… with force and passion, just the way she liked it…. she bucked her ass further into his hips, meeting his thrusts to get the most of this sensation…to feel more of him in her….

The sounds of their combined moans of sexual pleasure were loud, no shame from them to keep their passion quiet and there certainly was no doubt of what they were doing… his thrusts pounding into her as she pounded into the barn wall… she was so close to cumming as her chest and head lay upon the wall, her right hand found its way to her clit and she brought herself great release as her innermost regions clenched against his cock… their rhythm was nothing like anything she had encountered before… the fury of their passion was addicting…

She was barely holding herself up… in fact, if it wasn’t for him impaling her she was sure she would melt straight to the ground… All she heard him tell her over and over was “Fuck darling, this is how it should be every time.” She was not sure if he was talking the position or the passion, she was hoping a bit of both….

Her release finished just as he exploded in her… she felt the power of his release as it spread its warmth to every last bit of her pussy…. she had lost her breath long before, her breathing just as ragged as his… Her need just as powerfully quenched as his… for now… she knew this was not the end of this adventure…

She knew she would be riding this cowboy again….

Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure……