How Our Adventures Began

A week before my 44th birthday, hubby and I decided to embark on a sexually social adventure….Here is the story of how it began….hope you find it as erotic as I/we have…..

I wrote a romance novel that went beyond all that I have ever written before….I had been writing Christian romance novels. Those novels were very much pushing the edge of all that was normally found in the Christian romance genre. I pushed the limits by portraying the people as real as people are…full of faults, desires, and needs that tend to take over. The story line of the Christian romance was very good and could easily move into mainstream but not necessarily move to overt sexual descriptions…but there was a need in me to see if I could write those stories that are locked in my head….

I wrote a short story call “Hot as Hell”. It was my first venture into the steamy side of romance novels….writing them that is…It was a story of Isabella and Chase and his family and friends. Within the first chapter Chase, Isabella, and his friend Charlie meet and the sparks are flying. The sexual chemistry is building and well, it only seemed natural that a threesome would develop….I remember writing that scene long before I every contemplated having a threesome and well, it just seems so hot to me that I came while writing it in my desk chair….OMG…..

I wrote in a few other sex scenes…with Chase and Isabella and well, Isabella and Chase’s sister….I really went out on the edge of risque on that one….a single woman having sex with siblings….a guy and a girl…the girl/girl play was just as hot for me and I came quickly while writing that as well….again….OMG….

Through the story I wrote relationship ‘things’ as it was a romance novel not just erotica….I let hubby read it and well…he liked the story except for the romance/relationship ‘things’. I thought I would write hubby an erotica story….

Here is the story…..

Her  True Desires….

Sophia thought she had some experience in sex; she had been with a number of men. She had sex in a car in the middle of a parking lot while in college. How he had gotten her right leg up and laying it on his shoulder was beyond her ability to remember. All she knew is he had some great experience to share with her. Along with all the great experience was a great cock. It was big and thick and filled her in a way she never had been before. Then there was the guy who loved to have blow jobs. He taught her how to suck his cock using her teeth on his head. He said if you do it just right it makes the head ultra-sensitive and a man beg for mercy. Then there was the one who showed her how much fun taking it in the ass really was. However, she was not prepared for this experienced.

Trevor and Sophia had been friends for years. He was her brother’s best friend since grade school. They had never gone out on a date before because Jeff told Trevor if he even fantasized about his sister he would rip his balls off. Jeff was in the Marines and Trevor believed Jeff had the skills to rip his balls off and let Trevor live to suffer without them. But hot damn, Sophia looked really hot tonight. They were both at a local bar listening to a live band. She was wearing a cute sundress that on anyone else would probably look okay. But on Sophia, it showed off her breasts perfectly. It was somewhat fitted so Trevor could see all of Sophia’s curves. Sophia’s ass was what really turned Trevor on, the dress pulled tightly against her ass highlighting the swells of her cheeks. Trevor could feel the bulge beginning in his pants. Sophia hadn’t seen him arrive yet, so it was safe to look at the beautiful woman across the room. Thank God, her brother was nowhere near by.

The music’s beat increased to a frenzied pace. The lead singer was practically fucking the microphone stand into which he was singing. Sophia got up from the table and asked her friends to join her on the dance floor. Bethany and Heather laughed and joined Sophia swaying and gyrating against each other in time to the music. Trevor’s cock was harder than it had ever been watching the three girls dancing and touching each other on the dance floor. Blake, his buddy was watching the girls too, and asked if Trevor wanted to dance with them as much as he did. Trevor smiled and told him that he wanted to fuck all three of them, who cares about the dancing. Jamie, their other friend agreed and suggested they walk over and begin dancing with the girls before some other guys get there.

Trevor began dancing behind Sophia and said hello in her ear. Sophia turned and saw it was Trevor. She smiled at him and told him she was glad he was here. The song ended and a slower one started. Trevor never asked Sophia for the dance, he just took her in his arms and began dancing with her. Sophia could feel his cock in his pants. It was hard and pressing up against her stomach. Sophia began to move her hips over his cock. Trevor groaned in her ears. She laughed and did it again.

“You better stop that Sophia or I won’t be responsible for what happens next,” Trevor growled.

“If that is the case, then I am not going to stop. I have wanted to fuck you for years.”

“Oh darling, you just did not tell me you wanted to fuck me did you?”

“Yes I did, and I do. I want to be fucked by you hard and deep.”

Trevor ran his hands down her back and laid them on her ass pulling her closer to him. There wasn’t any space between them but he still brought her closer.

Sophia and Trevor paid no attention to Bethany and Jamie pairing up and had no clue that Blake and Heather was nearly having sex on the dance floor as they were. But the group of six were all in the same position, nearly cuming on the dance floor. After a few more songs, the band announced an intermission. The group went in search of some extra chairs to place around their girls table. However, there was none to be found.

“Why don’t we take this party to our house’ Bethany suggested.

Bethany, Heather, and Sophia shared a house and thought that sounded like a great idea. The girls headed into their car and the guys followed in Blake’s SUV. When they arrived, the girls took off into different directions. They guys just wandered into the living room and sat down.

A few moments later Bethany arrived in the living room with a few cold beers, a bottle of wine, and some glasses for the wine.  Sophia came in with her Ipod and speaker system. She set it up and soon music was playing. The music had an erotic beat to it and soon Heather joined them. Heather contributed to the party atmosphere by arriving dressed in what could only be called a stripper’s outfit. The guys were speechless. Heather told the guys that she strips on occasion for some extra money and would be willing to give them a private dance. She started to dance to the music and captured everyone’s attention. Sophia sat on the arm of the chair Trevor was sitting on and Bethany was near Jamie.

Heather continued to dance and then pointed to Bethany to join her in the dance. Bethany did and man it was so erotic. Heather began to unbutton Bethany’s jean shorts while Bethany swayed her hips in time to the music. When the shorts were unfastened, Heather moved behind Bethany and took her time bringing the shorts down to the floor where Bethany moved from them.  Heather still swaying her own body moved up Bethany’s legs and placed kisses on her way up. Heather stops at Bethany’s ass cheeks and begins to lick them like a lollipop. Bethany responds by arching her back so that her ass was in Heather’s face. It was a sight to behold for everyone in the room.

Heather moved her hands under the fabric of Bethany’s thong and touches Bethany’s outer lips. Her finger dips into Bethany’s pussy and she pulls it out making a big deal licking Bethany’s juices. Sophia stands up, walks over to the other girls, pulls up Bethany’s tank top, takes it off, and throws it on the floor. Sophia bends down to suck on Bethany’s large tits. She touches and kneads Bethany’s breasts until Bethany moans. The men sitting on the sidelines captivated by what they are witnessing and began stroking, rubbing, and rearranging their stiff cocks.

Heather’s fingers are still fucking Bethany’s pussy while Sophia continued to pay attention to Bethany’s tits. Jamie could not stand it any longer and got up to join the girls. He is standing behind Sophia and begins to caress her ass. Sophia grinds her ass into Jamie’s hands and then against his hard cock. She is grinding against him as he pulls her dress up. No one knew she had no panties on under the dress. When Jamie took off the dress, Sophia was completely naked.

Jamie bent down and started to lick Sophia ass. He took great care to make sure every bit of her ass-received attention from his tongue. After a few moments of that, Jamie moved towards Bethany. Still caressing Sophia’s ass he began kissing Bethany. The kisses were deep, passionate, and full of wanting more.

Blake couldn’t stand it any longer, stood up, and stripped naked. He walked over to Heather, pulled her thong to the side, and stuck a finger then two inside her wet and hot core. She moaned and sank onto his hands. She turned to kiss Blake and then turned back around.

Trevor stood up and stripped too; he walked over to Sophia and spread her legs. He tried to be good, but Jeff was going to have to rip his balls off. He wanted to fuck Sophia so bad he could not stand it. He shoved his stiff cock right into Sophia without any warning. She was caught by surprise but didn’t make any move to get away from him. In fact, she leaned more into him and told him to do it again. She was holding hands with Bethany, the only thing that was keeping her from falling from the force of Trevor fucking her. He thrust into her a number of times and then pulled out. He took Sophia over to the sofa, had her bend over the back, and pounded into her again.

Blake and Heather also moved to the sofa. However, Heather laid down on the sofa with her legs hanging over the arm so that Blake could suck her juicy pussy. Bethany pulled Jamie with her to the sofa and straddled her pussy

over Heather’s mouth. She had Jamie sit near the other arm of the sofa and took his thick dripping cock into her mouth.

Sophia while being fucked hard by Trevor was playing with Heather’s breasts. She was so close to cumming. She could feel her pussy contracting and it was going to be a good one. She was so dam turned on that she felt a bit light headed. Trevor was getting closer to his orgasm. His body started tensing up and she could feel hers reaching that wonderful point of no return. They finished together and took a few minutes to recover their breath and bearings.

Sophia moved to where Blake was kneeling sucking Heather’s’ pussy. She wedged herself into the space between the sofa and Blake weeping cock and took it into her hand. She moved her hand up and down a few times before taking his thick cock into her mouth. She sucked and slurped his cock with great joy. Heather was announcing she was about to come and Blake moved slightly to the right so that Trevor could get his tongue in Heather’s pussy. Sophia sped up the speed in which she sucked Blake’s cock. She used her hands to play with his sack and with his ass. She stuck her finger in her mouth and then circled around his hole. She waited to see if Blake was going to move away, but he hadn’t. So while sucking the crap out of his cock, she inserted her finger into Blake’s ass.

Blake felt what Sophia was doing and waited to see if she would actually insert her finger into his ass. When she did, it hurt some but it also felt so dam good. He was completely turned on by this whole night. Suddenly he felt more fullness in his ass and realized Sophia put two fingers into his ass. She was sucking in a quick rhythm and fucking his ass with her fingers in that same rhythm. He was so close to coming that if she didn’t stop he was going to shoot his load.

Heather was screaming from the ecstasy she felt from her orgasm. Blake backed off and let Trevor finish her up as he was about to cum himself. He tensed up and felt his load hitting the back of Sophia’s mouth. He thrust hard into her mouth to finish the deed. Sophia didn’t gag as Blake was afraid she would do. Instead she swallowed his whole load and smiled at him.

She withdrew from under him with a huge smile on her face. It was then that Blake realized that he still felt something in his ass. It wasn’t Sophia’s finger so he began to panic. He looked behind him and realized that Bethany had strapped on a dildo and was playing with the very entrance of his ass. Behind Bethany stood Jamie, his cock posed and ready to fuck Bethany.

Sophia headed towards a closet in the hallway and returned with a bottle of lube. She placed some on her hand and rubbed it on Blake’s cock and balls. She got him hard again and he was quite surprised at how quickly he responded. She then began to squirt the lube so it dripped on the crack of his ass. Bethany sped his ass cheeks so the lube made its way down his crack. When it reached his hole, Bethany swirled the lube all around the opening. Then she stuck her finger in his ass. Blake moaned as she placed a second finger in his hole. Then a third finger entered with the other two. Immediately after taking her fingers out, Bethany inserted her dildo into his ass. She eased it out until just the tip was still in the hole. Then she rammed her cock back into him. She pulled out again then entered just as hard. She kept repeating this action while Sophia took the lube and began the same process with Bethany’s ass. Jamie placed his fingers in her ass, first one, then a second finger, the a third. Finally, he removed the fingers and entered her ass slowly.

With every thrust Jamie made into Bethany, Blake could feel. It took a few minutes for Jamie and Bethany to find a rhythm. Blake was surprised that he loved the idea of being fucked in the ass. Yes, there was some pain to it, but that saying it hurts so good makes so much more sense to him now. The pounding he was receiving from Jamie and Bethany caused his cock to rub against the arm of the sofa. It was between the sofa and his stomach. It felt like he has giving himself a hand job without the hands. He was going to come just from that feeling alone.

Trevor grabbed Sophia’s hand and led her down the hallway towards the master bedroom. The sofa was too crowded and quite a lot of banging was happening. Both of them were naked and after entering the dimly lit room, he placed her down on the king size bed. Trevor just gazed at Sophia and admired the beauty he saw. Now Sophia was fully aware of how hot Trevor was, she had wanted to fuck him since she hit puberty. Now was a chance to do all the things she dreamed of when she began fantasizing and masturbating thinking of him.

Trevor began kissing Sophia taking possession of her mouth without overdoing it. I mean, she knew he was in control of her mouth, fucking her with his tongue while leaving her wanting more. Sophia ran her fingers through his hair pulling him down harder on her mouth. His cock was hard and pushing against her thigh begging for entry. The two of them were locked in this state of frenzy fucking with their mouths before they even bothered with their other body parts.
Trevor felt a hand grasp his ass and start kneading softly at first then harder until the movements spread his ass open. The feeling really made his cock hard. He had no idea who was playing with his ass but neither did he care.
Bethany whispered in Trevor’s ear asking for permission to go down on Sophia. Trevor backed away and climbed up onto the bed and straddled Sophia’s chest. As he played with her breasts she gladly put Trevor’s cock in her mouth, all the way in.

Bethany went down on her knees so she could begin to lick and taste Sophia’s hot pussy. She could hear Sophia sucking Trevor’s thick, hard cock and the sound turned her on. Sophia tasted so good and Bethany had wanted to taste her for so long. She began by taking her tongue over the outer edges of her pussy. Sophia shivered when Bethany did this, moaning while sucking away on Trevor. Bethany used her tongue to move in closer to the center of the wetness. Using her finger, Bethany began to stroke the rim of Sophia’s rosette and savored the fragrance of Sophia’s excitement…………..

Heather, Jamie, and Blake had been busy in the living room. Heather was filled in her pussy and her ass by the guys. The rhythm set by the guys started slow to give Heather some time to adjust to the fullness. And full she was. She had straddled Jamie and took her time taking him all the way in. She started to find her rhythm and he felt so good filling her up as she rode him slow and steady.

After a bit of time, Blake began to play with her ass, touching her so lightly and keeping up with the pace she set with Jamie. His finger moved from the outer rim to gently inserting itself inside her ass. Oh Heather loved that feeling, the easy entry, the relaxing of her hole and feeling Jamie as he is rising to meet her as she comes down on him. The sensation was building inside her until she could hardly wait for more. Blake had inserted a second finger and at some time later without realizing it, he added a third.

Jamie nodded to Blake to give him the signal to begin entering Heather with his cock. Heather was beginning to tighten around Jamie’s cock….Blake slowly began his entry into Heather’s ass and brought the tip all the way in Heather. She moaned a slow sound but did not tighten up. Blake asked her if she was okay and all Heather could do is let out another moan. Blake asked her again if she was okay and she nodded her head. She begged Blake to go all the way in. Blake obliged. He entered all the way and came almost all the way out.  He repeated this motion until Heather was able to take him with no pain. Jaime and Blake alternated the strokes while Heather basked in the great pleasure she was feeling.
The guys sped up the tempo, with Blake hands on her hips allowing him to remain steady, Heather leaned forward for Jamie to take her breasts into his mouth. Jamie’s hips thrusting upward while Blake continued to pound her from behind brought Heather closer to the brink of an orgasm. She felt a great deal of pressure building up inside of her. Her body was alive with a feeling she had never felt before. This was something she had dreamed of, watched on some videos, but never thought it would happen to her. As she neared her orgasm she felt a gush of fluid. Jamie let out a sexy groan accompanied by a huge grin. Heather felt Blake’s hand rubbing her pussy and he too groaned  saying ‘So fucking hot, baby!” Heather felt additional fluid coming out and she felt so relaxed and so turned on by what was happening to her. A real dream come true.

Heather couldn’t hold off any longer and felt the orgasm building towards completion. Her body shook and her pussy tightened around Jamie’s cock. She could feel Jamie increase the power of his thrusts. His body was ready to explode inside of her and that really turned her on. Heather’s breathing reflected her state of near combustion. Blake encouraged her to let go, let the orgasm come. Heather obeyed and her body shook, her vision blurred, and legs went limp. Jamie followed right after Heather with his orgasm and Heather still felt full and sexy with Blake pounding away at her ass. He was increasing the speed of his thrusts. Jamie helped support Heather while Blake was getting ready to come. Blake yelled out “Fuck yes!” as he emptied himself. After a few moments, he gently removed himself and laid out on the floor exhausted. Heather slumped onto Jamie, all three completely exhausted and wholly satisfied.

Well, hubby read that story and since there was an absence of relationship ‘things’ he found it rather erotic. Good news for me huh? Kinda wondering if you the reader did too….

The title of the story is Her True Desires….now hubby believes he is a smart man believed it is a possibility that I may be up for my own little adventure to seek my true desires….He googles swinger videos and asked me if I was interested in doing this….as we watched the videos, I remember the feeling that overtook my body and then I nodded my head yes, as in yes please and as soon as possible….a week later, we jumped in feet first….

Whether you call it swinging or a sexually social adventure…which I prefer….it is an adventure for us…and one that we enjoy….

Hope you enjoy your own provocative adventure…