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Hard at Work

Taking a deep breath, she looked once again in the mirror to make sure she looked good enough for what she had to do. It was important to look good but not so good that she looked out of place. She was going to visit a friend at work, but he didn’t know it. He was not expecting her and in fact, he had no idea the person coming to his work place today was not just there for an interview. She was there to introduce herself to a man she had been talking with for months online.

It was a crazy situation to be in and she didn’t realize what was going on until she verified the information about the company she had an interview with today. She was online on a swinger site and ran into this profile on chat. She loved chatting with him and had a great chemistry with him. His wife and he tend to hall pass more than meet with couples and that really did work out for her as she was currently single. They talked about having a hall pass, but their schedules didn’t seem to work out. She decided she needed to find a job with better hours and well, that brought her to this point. The point where she sent out resumes, had phone screenings, and then this interview.

She has face pictures on her profile, so there is a chance he will immediately recognize her. She just hopes that he does not keep her from getting the job she is very qualified. She remembered all the conversations that they shared and the many times she had to seek relief after he shared his thoughts. He mentioned so many times when he was hard and a number of those times he was at work. He shared that he had in fact stroked his cock until he came at work many times. All because of our chats.

She left her home in plenty of time to step into the bathroom to make sure she looked good. She took another deep breath and walked back into the reception area. The receptionist smiled at her and commented on her outfit. She smiled and said thank you, her nerves getting the better of her. The receptionist, who knew nothing about my chats with him and my interest in him innocently said, ‘don’t worry, he will love you, I have seen your resume.’ She said thank you and sat down. A few minutes later a phone buzzed and the receptionist told me to follow her.

We walked a few steps down a short hall and was in front of his door. The receptionist opened the door and announced me. I walked into his office and the receptionist closed the door. He was looking at his computer and then on his desk looking for my resume and hadn’t looked up at me when he told me to have a seat.

She walked up to his desk and held out my hand. He looked up at her at the same time as taking her hand. When their hands connected, she felt a shock of electricity. That gained his attention as he seemed to notice that she looked very familiar.

“Holy shit, it is you” was all he said. He was still holding her hand and walked around his desk.

“Yes, it is me. I didn’t know I was interviewing with you until I looked at the company website this morning. This was not planned.” She had to let him know she wanted to keep things separate, She wanted this job.

“Your first name is so unique, I had to wonder if it was you. I hoped it was you. I wanted to meet you for so long. Actually, I wanted to do so much to you besides meeting you.”

He seemed a mix of pleased, uneasy, and interested. It is a crazy combination to be, but he seemed to be all those. He was still holding her hand and standing just inches in front of her. He was tall, quite a bit taller than her. She had to bend my head a bit to look up at him. She noticed her nipple were getting hard. He looked down and noticed them too. He took his other hand and brushed his knuckles across one nipple and then the other.

Suddenly, he stepped back as if he realized what was at stake me being there and him touching me. He told me again to have a seat. As he walked back around his desk, she noticed his profile. He was already hard. This made it hard for her to concentrate. She looked up at him and met his eyes. He knew she saw his erection. He smiled and simply said, ‘you have that effect on me’.

He proceeded to the interview. It was very professional. She was proud of both of them for remaining professional. About 15 minutes into the interview his phone buzzed. His receptionist stated that she was going to leave early for lunch and wouldn’t be back for about two hours. She said she had an appointment. She really didn’t know as she could only think of her leaving from outside his door for two hours.

He didn’t give anything away. He remained business like and kept the interview very professional. He thanked her for her time and said that the hiring committee had already selected me for the position, this was just the final interview to ensure he felt comfortable with their decision.

She had the job. She was so very happy about that news. She thanked him and asked him when she would be starting. They went over the details for a few minutes.

She asked him, “So as of right now, I am not technically an employee of your company?”

He smiled as he understood what she was hinting at. “No, not until you sign the employment contract and other paperwork.”

She asked him, “Is it your lunch time?”

“Yes, it is generally the time I would take my lunch.”

She said nothing more. She stood up and moved to behind his desk. She turned his desk chair to face her as she sat on the side of his desk.

She slowly began talking to him. No touching. Just talking.

“I have wondered what your office was like. I pictured it a number of times. I hoped for a window in your office so that when I began to run my fingers through your hair I could look outside to see if anyone can see. I wanted to kiss you… on your jaw. Your jaw is very sexy, very strong, and very kissable. I wanted to taste your lips… kissing softly at first, very innocent and sweet. Nothing giving away the fact that I wanted to suck your tongue much the way I would your cock. I imagined about this time I would start to unbutton my shirt so you can begin to see the lace on my bra. I imagined my bra was black, much like it is today. This is a lacy bra that shows everything once my shirt is off. Should I take my shirt off? I imagine you do want me too.

I think I would ask you to start unbuttoning your shirt, as fair is fair. I would then walk towards your window with my shirt off and just wearing my bra and skirt… then unzip the back of my skirt… I want you to see my black lace thong I am wearing. I want you to want to touch me. I want you to want to kiss me. I want you to want to fuck me.

I would tell you right about now that I want you to fuck me from behind while we are standing against the wall. We won’t use the window right now, I really do want the job I just got. So I guess we could do that another time. But I do want you to fuck me hard against the window… but for now, the wall will do.

I am wearing high enough heels that will make your cock fit perfectly inside my pussy while we are up against the wall. Put my hands up over my head on the wall… spread my legs just so… I will curve my back just enough to make the perfect angle.

But before that can happen, you need to undo your pants… I need to see that cock that I have fantasized about for many months. I wanted to lick it. I wanted to suck it. I wanted to to have it down my throat. Do you want that too?”

Now that you have your pants open, I need you to start stroking that amazing cock. Go ahead… take it and stroke it as hard as you need to. I want to see you enjoy yourself. I am going to go ahead and slide my skirt off… and while I am at it, I am going to take that lacy bra off. Do you want to see my nipples in person? Do you want to taste them? Should I walk over there in front of your window and put my breasts in your face.

Can you smell how much I want you? My lacy thong is very wet. My pussy wants you. A lot. I need you. I need to have your cock pounding my pussy. I see you are stroking your cock a lot harder now. Do you want my pussy covering your cock? My juices dripping down your cock… do you want to taste my juices?

I tell you what I am going to do… I am going to put a finger or two into my pussy right now… it feels so good… my clit is throbbing… can I put my pussy soaked fingers in your mouth? Does my juices taste good? They do, I am so glad you like them… I love to taste my juices on a cock. Will that cock be yours?”

Just as she finished asking that question, he stood up. His cock was beautifully hard and ready to play with her pussy… he placed his hands on both sides of her face and kissed me with passion she didn’t know existed. He moved his hands to her breasts… tugging on the nipples a little and groaned ‘fuck’ in her mouth.

Keeping them engaged in the kiss while he took off his shirt and stepped out of his pants… she looked outside to see if anyone was outside looking in. Across the way, there was an office window that was the same height as his and it appears someone is watching them. She broke the kiss and told him about their viewer.

He took her thong off of her and placed her in front of his window. He spread her legs and buried his face in her pussy. The scent of her arousal… the taste of his juices… he had wanted this for so long. Now, he had it. Her noises were muted, but turned him on nonetheless. He could hear her nearing her orgasm. He could feel her body start to tense. She let go and came on his face.

He turned her around to face the window. Her legs spread apart… her hands above her head, just like she wanted. He rubbed her ass with his cock while reaching around to rub her clit. She jumped from the touch and it took very little to have her cum again…

He moved his cock between her legs, sliding back and forth covering his cock with her juices. Then he bent her at the waist and slide his cock in effortlessly.

He had every intention of going slow and savoring the moment… but her pussy was so hot, so wet, and so tight… he couldn’t help it. He pounded her hard and pressed her breasts against the window. He looked across the way and saw two men in one window with their cocks in their hands… he knew they wanted what he was having right now.

He pounded her harder as she begged for such. He then he told her to rub her clit. She did and in no time, both of them were ready to cum… her pussy started to tighten on his cock… begging him to cum.

She exploded on his cock… her legs going weak… he held her up as he shot his cum deep inside of her… he put his hands back up on the window on top of hers… he nuzzles her neck as they both watch the guys across the way shoot their cum on the window.

Suddenly, his phone buzzing brought him out of his daydream. He wiped the cum off his chest and put his cock back in his pants. He decided he needed to take care of fucking her right away. Damn her for making him hard at work.

Hope you liked…

Muah Sophia









Yes, That’s The Spot….

I had woken up with the sun shining into the room, the fresh tropical breeze running across my nipples making them alert to the new day… This was day 2 of a week of relaxation and I had a wonderful massage scheduled for the day… just what I needed after many months of hard work and more stress than I needed…

I jumped into the shower and let the water start to ease the travel strain my muscles were feeling… I let the water pour over me for a few minutes before I began lathering myself up with the exotic bath gel the resort provided me.

I toweled off and combed out my curls… I added some coconut creme to my hair and lightly dried my curls and slipped into a silky robe to wait for my masseuse to arrive… I opened the fridge grabbed some fresh orange juice and a banana for breakfast. Barely finished them when I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed my purse from the bedroom and threw it down on the coffee table in the living room before opening the villa’s door.

My masseuse had his arms full with a massage table and a large duffle bag.  I greeted him and showed him where he could set up the table. I wanted to be able to enjoy the sunshine and breeze and asked him to set up near the French doors on the side of the living area. The patio area had beautiful landscaping that offered quite a bit of privacy.

We made small talk while he was setting up the table and his supplies. He placed some of this lotions and towels on the coffee table near my purse. I looked over as he was arranging some items on the table and noticed a number of things had spilled out of my purse… some of which included money, lube samples, and condoms. I could only imagine what he was thinking.

I blushed a bit and then decided to pretend there was nothing wrong with having money, lube, and condoms out when being treated to an in room massage with a very hot looking male masseuse. He smiled at me and asked how long I had been here… told him just got in yesterday afternoon… he asked how long I was staying, I said a week. He looked down at the items falling out of my purse and looked back at me and smiled. He mentioned that he hoped I would find all I was searching for while on vacation.

He motioned for me to get on the table and I slid the silk robe off my shoulders and placed it on the arm of the chair nearby. I was completely naked and had no cares at all. I situated myself on the table and waited for him to place a folded sheet across my body. He touched the sheet in his hands and asked if it was necessary. I shook my head and said no, it was not. He smiled and walked up to me and began working the tension from my feet and ankles. I closed my eyes and let my brain slowly shut down and just enjoy the feeling.

Every once in a while he would hit just the perfect spot and do the most amazing things to my body and I could not help myself, I let out moans of pleasure… each time I moaned he would take a deep breath. I could tell my noises were affecting him.

He instructed me that I needed to lay on my stomach so he can work the rest of my stress out. I gladly turned over and he began to massage my neck and shoulders. I could smell his cologne and that musky scent of man that made me so very aware of how close he was to me. I could feel my pussy responding to his scent and I could not help myself as I took a deep breath to drink in more of him.

His groin area touched the top of my head a few times and I wondered if I raised my head just a bit if I could see if he was aroused. I wanted so much for him to be aroused. I wanted to be the one who caused that arousal. I have no idea why it was so important but it was.

I lifted my head up just slightly and his cock was straining against his shorts. It was firm and big and I wanted so much to touch him. I let out a breath of frustration that added warmth to his cock through his shorts… he responded to pumping his groin closer to me. My mouth reached the front of his shorts and fit nicely over the bulge. He moaned. I moaned. I moved my left hand to cup his ass and pull him closer to me, more in my mouth. He continued to pump his hips into my mouth. We continued in this manner for several minutes.

He broke our connection and moved down the table and began to massage my ass. He had a cheek in each hand and began kneeding them and bringing great pleasure. His hands slick with oil moved easily in the crease and around my puckered hole. I could not help myself and began moving my hips in response to his touches. I let out a scream of pleasure when he broke the momentum and entered that tight spot. His other had found my very wet pussy…

I lost control at this time, my body had been both relaxed and excited as he touched me with a hint of naughty sensuality. I was nearing orgasm and he could feel my pussy tightening on his fingers. I was fucking his fingers in my pussy and my ass.

I felt my body nearing the cliff of ecstasy and wanted to jump off blindly and without abandon. And I did. I came hard and long. I shuddered and screamed “fuck me please”….

He wipes his hands on a towel and begins to undress. I manage to sit up and on wobbly sex legs manage to stand next to the table. He grabs a condom and was about to place it on his beautifully straining cock and I ask him to wait a minute. I kneel down before him and place his cock in my hand. Slowly sliding my fisted hand around his cock from the base to the very tip…

I look up at him and smile as I take his cock and place it in my mouth. I never break eye contact with him as I take his cock into my mouth. I slide my mouth up and down his cock multiple times and increase the speed of my movements. His hips are pumping his cock harder into my mouth. I am in heaven. There is no other word for it… simply heaven.

He is nearing his breaking point and pulls his cock out of my mouth. He placed the condom on his spit covered cock. He finishes and takes my hand. He walks me to the sofa and bends me over the back of it. He spreads my legs and slides his cock between my outer lips… the head of his cock hitting my clit in glorious rhythm. He has me cumming in no time… as he gets me to the mid-way point of my orgasm he slams his cock into my pussy.

I scream out in ecstasy. I beg him to fuck me harder, faster, and never stop… my juices are pouring out of me… hot beautiful liquid covering his cock, making it slicker as he slams my pussy hard. I can feel another wave of pleasure and I beg him to come with me. I can hear him grunting as he is pounding away at my pussy ready to explode with pleasure…

In a couple of long short moments we were both spent. He had come hard… to the point where he shouted ‘holy fuck’ and sank to his knees trying to see through the haze from his orgasm.

My body was weak and so very relaxed. I slide down the back of the sofa to catch my breath as well. He placed him arm around me and placed a kiss on the top of my head.

We were silent for a while, but not an awkward silence, thank goodness. We did what we wanted to do and enjoyed ourselves while doing it, how can anyone regret that type of outcome.

He looked at the watch on his wrist and I could see that the hour was up. I asked him how soon his next appointment was. He had a little less than an hour before his next client. I asked him if I could get another massage tomorrow. He asked seriously if I wanted a massage. I said we can start it that way and see what happens. He laughed. He asked if I wanted a massage every day I am here. I said most definitely. He joked and said I may need more condoms.

I offered him the use of my shower… you know to clean up before his next appointment… I did make a mess on him… it was the least I could do… we were down one more condom…

Hope you are enjoying your sexually social adventure…