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Wait Until Closing… part 4

I took his entire cock into my mouth. It was not an easy task as he was quite long and thick. I had to work my mouth in such a way as to not gag on his cock… I took it all in and then released it slowly from my mouth trailing my tongue on the underside… he moaned his pleasure and did the same thing a few more times… I took my hand and moved it in time with my mouth as I added a little pressure to the base of his cock. His hips were rocking in time with my going up and down his cock. He grabs my hair and wraps his fingers in my curls… I can taste his salty flavor in my mouth and moan my pleasure as it vibrates his cock.

I take my free hand and tug slightly on his balls. He groans out ‘fuck yes’ as I take that a sign of approval of what I am doing… I tug a bit more until I can wrap a few of my fingers at the base of his cock and pull down a bit more. 

His cock is dripping with my saliva and it is making his shaft very slick… this is very good as I have increased the speed in which I am stroking his cock… ‘fast and tight is what I love baby’ he says with great difficulty in getting those words out… I can feel his balls trying to get closer to his body, he about ready to cum. 

He pushes my head off his cock with the intent to be gentle, but out of need not to cum yet, it was a bit more than he expected. I looked up at him with a wicked smile and ask him if he is sure… 

His answer was to pull me up to my full height and kiss me. He is kissing me with great passion and I feel my pussy get very wet… he lifts me up to sit on the edge of the bar sink where the glasses usually dry and spreads my legs. 

He undoes his pants and lets them fall to the floor… he pulls one leg out, then the other and arranges me more on the edge so he can gain entry… He slides one finger into my pussy and then slams his cock into my pussy… the force of which pushes me against the bar top… I lean back and grabbed a hold of the edge to brace myself for his next slam into my pussy. I felt him leave and reenter immediately and with great force… he is looking into my eyes to make sure I am enjoying myself… I can’t help but to ask him to ‘fuck me harder’… he obliges me happily.

I know I am going to have a bit of a bruise on my back where the bar top is forced into my skin… I will be marked by this adventure, if but for a short period of time. I am thrilled.

He pulls out of me at just the moment my orgasm was about to happen… he knows just what he is doing… making me suffer a few minutes… and takes my hand and walks me to the other side of the bar… he puts my hands on the bar stool and makes me face away from him.

He spreads my legs and arches my back just slightly to make his entry point easier to find and hit. He asks me if I am ready and when I nod my head because I can’t find my words… he slams his cock into my pussy. Hard. I scream out in pleasure, asking for ‘more, faster, harder’… I need to cum and I need to cum now… he slams into my pussy again and again and it is no time at all before I cum… I feel my pussy clamping down on his cock… I feel my juices dripping down my legs… His cock is slick and in that slickness sliding in and out of pussy in rapid succession.

My pussy is so sensitive with this orgasm that I feel overwhelmed… I am trying very hard to stay upright but I don’t want him to stop… I can feel my pussy getting ready for another orgasm… or it is just a resurgence of the current orgasm… I am not sure but damn I am very happy…

Suddenly, he stops fucking my pussy… I look back at him to see what he is doing… he grabs my hand and takes me to his office where he has a sofa… he lays me down on the sofa and climbs over me without putting his weight on me… my legs are spread and he pulls on up onto his shoulder… 

This time he slides into my pussy very gently… he bends down to where he can push my tank top down below my breasts and puts one nipple in his mouth. His thrusts in my pussy are slower, more deliberate as he pays attention to both nipples in turn.

He brings my leg down and has me wrap my legs around his waist… this brings him further in without having to thrust as hard. He moves his hips in a semi-circle while pushing his cock into me… the results were amazing… he had me nearly to cumming again… and I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough of him. I knew I was addicted to him and his great skill.

I can feel my pussy starting to clench his cock again and he sped up his thrusts. He was ready to cum as well… he told me so… He wanted me to make sure I was going to cum again… as if I hadn’t cum enough as it is.

My orgasm consumes me and my body begins to shudder again… my legs wrap tighter around his waist… I am sure I making it painful for him. He doesn’t seem to mind too much as he increases his speed again.

I am in the height of my orgasm when I feel him start to shudder himself… I hear him scream out my name… his breathing rapid and ragged. a few more thrusts and he is done filling my pussy with his cum…

He lets his arms go slack for a few moments… placing all his weight on my body. It feels good to be weighed down by him and his body. I wrap my arms around his body and feel his heart beating rapidly against mine doing the same. Our breathing is taking a long time to steady…

He rolled over to his side and then snuggled me into him… I relaxed my very tired and sore body next to him and closed my eyes…

Closing will never be the same again.

Muah Sophia

Wait Until Closing… Part 2

I straightened my clothing and patted my hair, it wasn’t as if I could see what my hair looked like… I knew my lips would be swollen and slightly red from his stubble. I didn’t really care, just wasn’t sure what else to do at this moment.

He gave me another quick kiss and whispered in my ear, “I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you. It was all I could do not to take you in my office during the interview.”

My legs became weak at that moment. At least I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling this, whatever this is.

I walked to the door and opened it. The other employees were getting ready for their shift and I slipped into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw what I knew I would see. I saw my face glowing, my lips swollen and redness every where he touched me with his mouth. I had stubble marks on my breasts, my neck, my mouth. I couldn’t help myself, I smiled. A lot.

I splashed some water on my face and took a paper towel and soaked it with cold water. I rung it out and placed it on top of my breasts. All it really did was made my nipples even harder.

I checked my hair and it had that ‘come fuck me’ look still and I thought, well that is the message I want to send my boss tonight.

I walked out of the bathroom and ran into my friend… She looked at me and knew. She also winked at me and asked ‘how much?’ I knew she was asking how much we did… that is our favorite phrase… I told her ‘just enough to get me wanting more’. I also told her, ‘he has wanted me from the beginning too’.

I walked away with a bit more sway in my hips. There is no better feeling for a girl than to know a guy wants her… a lot. It makes a girl feel sexier and a girl who feels that way is going to make others feel good too. I was a perfect example of this… perfect.

Throughout the night I had to interact with my boss, and boy was I looking forward to it. It was Saturday night and our busiest night, so he often helped tend bar. I made sure my drink orders went to him and we flirted, out and out flirted all night long. It was different than the flirting I was doing with my customers or the other employees. This was flirting with a purpose, flirting with a promise. And the purpose was to make him want me… the promise was he could have me.

He flirted back with me all night long. His suggestive phrases were such a turn on… I would look at him, hear his words, smell his cologne mixed his manly scent and nearly drown my panties… he would often tell me he could smell my sex. You know that just made my sex smell even better.

My customers, the regular ones noticed my boss flirting with me and the responses I gave him. They made jokes at my expense, but I did not mind. I did not care if everyone knew that my boss wanted to fuck me and fuck me good.

The night moved along quickly and as slow as molasses at the same time… it was about an hour from closing and I couldn’t wait. I placed a last drink order to him and when he handed the drinks over… he whispered to me “Take your panties off after you deliver these drinks. Bring your panties to me.”

I looked at him and couldn’t say one word. The idea of finishing out the night without panties was a huge thrill… even more so, that he would own my panties after I took them off.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to take them off and hand them to him without anyone seeing me. I delivered the drinks while I thought about what I would do. I figured out my plan.

I delivered the drinks. The drinks were for a group of guys that come in all the time and tip me well. We flirt constantly throughout the night and I decided that I would check and see if my boss was watching. He was… I leaned over a bit too far and knew he would be able to see my panties from under my skirt, yeah, it was that short.

I stood back up and ran my hand over the arm and shoulder of the cutest guy at the table… I reach over to get the empty glasses and my breasts were on his shoulder right next to his mouth… he turned his head slightly and yes, he did brush my breasts with his mouth… I looked over at my boss and he had a look of being turned on and a bit pissed…

I moved to the next guy and did the same thing… he of course saw what his buddy did and made sure he kissed my breasts too. All around the table… until the last guy… ass was again pointed directly at my boss and I bent over… he could see my panties… again, those panties he wants to own…  and he could see the guy, the one I started with… reach between my legs and run his finger along the center of my panties… I spread my legs just a little bit while the guy who I was resting my breasts next to his mouth… pulled my top down just a little bit more than he should and licked the soft pink of my nipple…

My pussy was being stroked over my panties and I knew my boss was watching… I knew he would have some type of reaction… my panties were soaked, my nipples were hard and all I could think of is if he was hard behind the bar…

I stood up… the guy rubbing my pussy brought his fingers that had caressed the wetness to his nose and took a long breath in… I reached down to kiss him on his cheek… and then turned and walked to the bar.

I felt my boss’s eyes on me the entire time… I did not look at him. I greeted and talked to my customers to make sure they had all they needed. I placed my tray down on the bar and said to my boss I will be back in a minute… I walked to his office… I was barely in the door of the office when he shut the door. He must have ran down that hallway.

He pushed me up against the door as I tried to pull my panties off… He kissed me with passion and power… and as my panties slid to the floor, he had his very hard cock out of his pants… he told me to turn around… I did willingly…

He spread my legs apart and ran his fingers across my very wet pussy… He slid a finger inside my pussy and whispered to me that he needs to fuck me now. I moaned out a ‘yes please’ and before the words were finished, he was fully inside my pussy.

He waited a moment after he entered me… just stood there still enjoying the tightness of my pussy… he whispered, ‘fuck you turn me on’… and then he pulled out of me and slammed back in me… ‘I can’t believe you let each one of those guys touch your breasts’ as he pulled out and slammed back in…

‘I loved seeing another guy touching your pussy’ again slamming into me hard. It felt so good.

The next thing I know he is pulling out of me and zipped up his pants… ‘wait until closing, you will be all mine.’

I shuddered thinking of what will come next… my pussy needed him to finish fucking me… how long till closing?

Muah Sophia

Part 3 will be coming very shortly…

Wait Until Closing…

Since my interview, when I shook his hand, I have been wanting him. Pure unadulterated want. I want him now. It really doesn’t matter he is my boss. When I felt his hand touch mine, I was hooked… I felt electricity… desire… need. I could not believe how much I wanted from him and could not have. He is my boss after all.

I went to work each day dressing for him. I put on my favorite fragrance that seems to be subtle yet alluring to men. I put my hair up for him in a messy pile that actually looked sexy and screamed for someone to take my hair down and put their hands in my curls while I went down on him.

Yet, each day… at work… he would hardly look at me. He would hardly talk to me. I was invisible to him.

I was sure he had felt the same electricity I did. But I must have been mistaken. Three weeks of trying to get him to notice me and I was done. I am tired of trying. I didn’t outwardly flirt with him. He is my boss you know. But I would find something to talk to him about each day, hoping to spark a lively conversation.

I flirted nonstop with the customers. That outwardly, everyone knows you are flirting for more tips type of flirting… only a few customers held out hope that I really meant my flirting… but every morning after the alcohol wore off, they knew it was just flirting for tips.

There were a few guys I wouldn’t mind taking home for a bit of fun, but you don’t want to mess up a good thing when working as a bartender and waitress. You need those tips.

So I spend my nights wanting my boss and flirting with guys I don’t want.

I decided tonight I would stop hiding and hoping and just flirt with him as I do with everyone else… what do I have to lose? He already showed me he isn’t into me. So why not have some fun flirting.

My friend also works at this bar and knows I want the boss. She wants the boss too. But she didn’t feel those sparks and knows I did. She saw my face when I touched him the first time at the interview. She referred me for a position and did the introduction. She swore that he noticed me as in noticed me as a hot piece of ass. But I have begun to even doubt that happening. I think she was just trying to make me feel good. She flirts with the boss every chance she gets and he flirts back with her.

Maybe that was it… I hadn’t flirted with him and he didn’t know I wanted him. Maybe he thought I didn’t want him or like him and he was acting cold because of me.

Well, I figure I have nothing left to lose. Might as well go full steam ahead and flirt with him. Tonight at work, I will. I will flirt with him like my customers and hopefully he will think I want him… I do… but he will think I want him and make a point to want me too. Even if it is one night stand, maybe it will be enough for me to get it out of my system. Who am I kidding? Not me. I know one night won’t be enough. But I am willing to try. I would rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

I dressed in a very tight black skirt and a black tank top. I used my favorite push up bra and then decided to take it off. I would go without a bra tonight. I am perky enough to be proud of where my breasts are located and they are just big enough to be a handful and small enough to be okay without a bra.

Men will notice. Women will hate it. I will love it. Hopefully so will my boss.

I arrive a few minutes earlier than usual for my shift. I need to take a few deep breaths and before my boss arrives. He generally takes an hour or two off in the early evening as he always opens for the noon crowd. I think if I can get here a few minutes before he comes back I can take a few deep breaths…


I was too busy thinking of taking  a few deep breaths that I actually ran into my boss. Straight chest to chest ran into my boss… My breasts pushed against his hard chest and I swear he knows I am not wearing a bra. He looks down at me… he is about six inches taller than me… and he can see the cleavage in the tight tank top, my hard nipples and the fact that I am not wearing a bra. He is still standing here staring at my chest. He hands are on my arms from when we ran into each other, him keeping me upright and not taking us both down.

He won’t stop staring at my chest. I can see him breathing kind of hard… his chest… man his chest feels good tight up against mine. He smells so damn nice. Fuck he smells great. I can’t believe I am standing here chest to chest and thinking about how great he smells.

He started moving his hands up and down my arms… my arms are pushed against my side and making my breasts squeeze up and out of my tank… I just heard his breath catch. OMG what is he doing? What am I doing?

“Fuck you are beautiful” he whispered.

Did I just hear that? His hands are caressing my arms… his eyes on my face. I looked up and saw something I hadn’t seen in his eyes before… passion. And I swear it was directed to me.

He let go of my arms and took my hand and led me to his office. He closed the door as soon as we were booth inside the room. He turned to me and put his hands on the sides of my face and kissed me. It was not one of those soft, sweet, tender kisses. This was a kiss that said he wanted me and wanted me right now. I looked at him a moment and then I returned the kiss with all the passion I had within me.

My hands were around his waist and I felt the strength of his back. I pushed myself up closer against him and could feel his desire pressing tightly against his pants. One of his hands cupped against my breast, rubbing a finger across my nipple. He made me shiver with need from just his kiss and the slightest touch.

I felt him move his mouth away from before I registered the sound of someone knocking on the door. He turned me toward a chair in his office and told me quietly to sit down. I would be facing away from the person at the door. He moved to his chair and sat down quickly concealing his large erection straining the front of his pants. He hollered to the person knocking to come in… the bartender stepped in and asked a few questions. He answered him quickly and we were alone again.

I looked up at him and had the oddest desire to flash him my breasts and for whatever reason… I did. I took both hands and pulled my tank top down below my breasts and just sat there like nothing was out of place at all. He looked up and growled out… ‘Fuck’.

He quickly came around his desk, kneeling down before me and took both breasts in his hands and put one nipple in his mouth. He moved from one breast to the other… using his mouth and his hands… Between his kisses, touching my breasts and the thrill of being at work and possibly getting caught, I could feel my panties becoming very wet and he had me close to having an orgasm.

He removed his mouth from my nipple and whispered in my ear… “I can smell how turned on you are… I want to taste you. Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait until closing.”

He kissed me once more taking me closer to combustion. I am not going to be able to wait until closing.

Muah Sophia

Part two will be coming very soon…